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    Just scored a 66357 on my galaxy s2.... running a ton of other stuff while doing this... I will have to run on the 4s later.

    people who are putting down the s2 need to get a grip. How about testing in person before spewing nonsense. Both are great phones. galaxy s2 is better IMO.

    sgs2 screen is better for movies/pictues. It takes better pictures. ip4s is faster to take photos, but not as fast as apple would like you to believe.

    iMessages is neat, but I dont really see why its so great.

    regular everyday stuff you do on the phone is identical. Both phones open webpages and browse at the same speed. opening and switching apps is very close in speed. I am very new to android, but I think with some tweaking, the right rom, and possible OC this thing could blow the 4s out of the water. One thing I have noticed that is glaring, is the fact that when connected to the same wifi network, the sgs2 gets 1mbps faster download and 2-3mbps upload faster than the ip4s EVERY TIME. I dont know what this is, but I haven't tested both on att at the same time since I only have 1 sim.

    the only thing that the 4s wins at is voice recognition. While the s2 isn't bad, it just doesn't have the abilities siri does. I have to say that while I enjoyed playing with siri I still dont see myself using it on a regular basis. Maybe when driving, but for the most part if I am texting someone or searching something I would prefer not to announce what that is to the entire world around me.

    I can't believe so many around here hate on android. Most of the stuff that JB accomplishes or allows is stuff that is built right into android. And a lot of these features have now finally made their way into ios5.

    I think if you haven't used both you really have no reason to comment.

    thats the defender iphone 4 case. had to mess with it a bit to get it to work with the new mute switch placement. button isn't really useable in case.
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    2011-10-15 02:23 AM
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    ^What version of Android you running on your S2? I couldn't get it past the 50K range on mine on 2.3.4
    2011-10-15 02:32 AM
  3. kadernal's Avatar
    2.3.4 but I have rooted and installed a custom ROM, not sure if that changes anything, but I think it might.

    This is my first non-iphone since the original and I don't know much about android yet.
    2011-10-15 02:42 AM
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    Ya, that could be the difference. Maybe I'll put a custom ROM on mine, seems to have better performance.
    2011-10-15 02:44 AM
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    How're you enjoying your 4S? Is the speed a noticeable difference to you?
    Huge difference, I'm loving this new ip
    2011-10-15 02:45 AM
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    Yea I have been flashing through ROMs and kernels like crazy.... some are much better than others. Since I don't have much to do this weekend I plan to really go crazy and flash anything and everything and run a bunch of tests to see what works best for me.

    I have seen people talking about running stable at 1.5ghz OC... might give that a go and see how my battery likes it.
    2011-10-15 02:47 AM
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    Sounds like fun. May give me something to do while I wait for my iPhone 4S to arrive
    2011-10-15 02:49 AM
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    Installed litening ROM on my GS2 and clocked CPU to 1.6. Now getting a score of 85979.
    2011-10-15 11:36 PM
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