1. jpayne120983's Avatar
    It switches networks automatically when 3G is unavailable
    2011-10-16 10:41 PM
  2. sziklassy's Avatar
    It switches networks automatically when 3G is unavailable
    It always did this. TYhing is if you are in an area that you KNOW doesn't have 3G it is nice to not spend the battery on the 3G antenna. Are you saying it intelligently switches the 3G antenna off where it "knows" there is no 3G network? I have not heard of this being the case, but could be wrong.
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    2011-10-16 10:47 PM
  3. jpayne120983's Avatar
    On mine it switches to edge wen the bars drop no nothing
    2011-10-16 11:26 PM
  4. [AMM]Viper's Avatar
    It must have something to do with the feature where it "Intelligently" switches between 2 radios
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    2011-10-17 12:19 AM
  5. szr's Avatar
    Just a guess but don't T-mobile users have to disable 3G for their iPhones to pick up data? Could be a way to stop ultrasn0w unlockers.
    There are other ways to turn off 3G, such as via the SBSettings toggle (once you're jail broken.) There are also similar toggles-addon for the notification center too (to be be confused with SBSetting's notification center options.) There might also be stand alone apps for toggling 3G as well. If all else fails, theres always editing your carrier.plist (once a comm center patch for iOS 5 is out, assuming it isn't already.)
    2011-10-18 10:21 PM
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