1. Jerzdre's Avatar
    how doi load this winterboard to my phone?
    2011-10-16 03:44 AM
  2. volatile-dev's Avatar
    Thanks for the list. A lot of stuff I use and need like Backgrounder; User Agent Faker; and WeatherIcon are redlisted. These are useful tools, which I will wait until they are all compatible. Nice work and thanks for taking time to compile this list. Will keep my eye on any new updates.
    WeatherIcon should be listed under Partially Working. While it doesn't put the weather over the icon, it does put the weather in the status bar.
    2011-10-16 03:47 AM
  3. punjabi212's Avatar
    how doi load this winterboard to my phone?
    You can only do it through SSH. Use Toggle SSH only if you know what you're doing.
    2011-10-16 03:57 AM
  4. thunderwolf333's Avatar
    this is really useful thanks
    2011-10-16 04:13 AM
  5. Kariodude's Avatar
    Yeah it says up there that Winterboard doesn't work. You have to download the deb and ssh it to your phone and THEN install. Otherwise you'll get the safemode loop.
    2011-10-16 04:18 AM
  6. one_crazy_dude's Avatar
    Happy to see this list. Before it was out I installed removebg and it sent phone into safe mode and I also installed pdanet, it would start but say needs phone to restart every time. I had to restore and rejailbreak the phone never ran the same.
    I Like Eletronics
    2011-10-16 04:26 AM
  7. weazle23's Avatar
    Bosspaper seems to be working ok
    2011-10-16 04:29 AM
  8. mmaboi21's Avatar
    Fantastic List man, thanks.
    2011-10-16 04:32 AM
  9. dsg's Avatar
    Winterboard should be under Partially Compatible with the Winterfix or the Beta if you can find it
    2011-10-16 04:48 AM
  10. Jerzdre's Avatar
    If I knew the steps to load it manually I would
    2011-10-16 04:55 AM
  11. Colby21's Avatar
    Jailbreak doesn't work on my 3GS anyway..
    2011-10-16 05:02 AM
  12. bbillh77's Avatar
    Winterboard crashes me too. icallanounce and tlert installed but do not function
    2011-10-16 05:03 AM
  13. xXDrizzyyXx's Avatar
    Anything on qtweeter??
    It works
    2011-10-16 05:07 AM
  14. vantheman169's Avatar
    hi there..well winterboard just sends me straight in to safemode??!..nobody else?
    Same here!
    2011-10-16 05:17 AM
  15. Boker's Avatar
    now all we/i need is iPhone 4S jailbreak
    2011-10-16 05:30 AM
  16. trentmorris's Avatar
    One of the most useful posts you guys have done in the News feed. Thank you!I'd also like to know the status of Remove Background (+SBSettings toggle), and AppInfo. If anyone knows..
    2011-10-16 05:36 AM
  17. R.Mortera's Avatar
    All I need is winterboard (stable) and I'll be good to go
    2011-10-16 05:45 AM
  18. marys25's Avatar
    Last edited by marys25; 2011-10-16 at 05:55 AM.
    2011-10-16 05:51 AM
  19. jose060789's Avatar
    Talking about iOS 5, how can you watch YouTube videos on HQ/HD using 3G without using 3G unrestrictor on an iPhone 4 and 4s?
    Sent from my iPhone 4.
    2011-10-16 05:52 AM
  20. NakedFaerie's Avatar
    "SwirlyMessenger for iPad 3G" IS iOS5 compatible. You should add it to the list.
    2011-10-16 06:12 AM
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