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    PowerSaver is a new tweak by Akhil Tolani that allows you to set your device up for certain actions when it reaches a specific battery percentage.

    Meet PowerSaver, the new way to keep your battery running as long as possible on an iDevice! This tweak allows you to set certain actions when the device gets to a certain battery percentage. It's actually quite useful. Imagine being able to dim your brightness as soon as your battery starts getting low, or putting your device in airplane mode when it starts getting into the danger zone and you don't have a charger near you. This tweak will solve both of those problems and more.

    When you open the app, you are greeted with a small user guide telling you that you should set each action about 5% away from each other in order for the actions to work. If you set more than one action for the same battery percentage, or you let the battery percentages get too close to each other, the actions may not work properly. So keep in mind that it's a good idea to space the actions out as far as possible. When setting an action, first you input a number percent at which you want an action to be performed. From there, you can choose the action that you want performed at that battery percentage.

    There is a nice long lost of options for you to choose from (also shown above):
    • Brightness up
    • Brightness down
    • Toggle airplane mode
    • Toggle wifi
    • Battery alert
    • Volume up
    • Volume down
    • Play pause song
    • Next song
    • Previous song
    • Vibrate
    • Show lock screen
    • Power off
    • Respring
    • Reboot
    • Safe mode
    • Bluetooth toggle
    • Location Toggle

    In the image below, I set up some configurations in PowerSaver:

    With these configurations, when my iPod reaches 50% battery percentage, it will dim the screen brightness. When it charges back up to 100%, the screen brightness will be turned back up. This is a very useful setting if you want to conserve battery life on your device. Considering the fact that the screen uses most of the iPod's battery life reducing the amount of power it uses will cause less strain on your battery, allowing it to last longer under low percentage conditions. The same goes for the Wi-Fi toggle, which will turn off Wi-Fi radios when your device gets to a certain percentage. This will also bring your battery consumption down to a crawl.

    PowerSaver is available on the BigBoss repo in Cydia for only $1.50, that's a steal! This jailbreak tweak is certainly worth using if you're one of those people that is frugal over battery life. It seems that with iOS 5, battery drain is faster, and this tweak is fully compatible with iOS 5 folks! This tweak will assist in keeping your device alive longer when you're on the go.

    Getting together with Akhil Tolani, I was able to ask a few questions.

    Anthony: Is there anything you would like to say to introduce yourself to Modmyi readers?
    Akhil: My real name is Akhil. I am 13 years old and currently in 9th grade. I am an iOS Developer and have made about 7 tweaks for Cydia. Some of my greatest hits are LockGestures, StyleUnlock, PowerSaver, and SuperSlider. You can check out my website for information on all of my tweaks

    Anthony: What was it that made you think of developing this tweak? Was there a motivation behind it?
    Akhil: One of my friends on Twitter gave me this idea to make a tweak which will perform system actions for any custom battery percentage that the user wants.

    Anthony: Is PowerSaver fully compatible with iOS 5?
    Akhil: It works perfectly.

    Anthony: What do you recommend as some of the best configurations for this tweak?
    Akhil: The configuration for this tweak can be any battery percentage that the user wants. It can be 1%, or it can be 99%. I think that the best configuration will be on 30% to show a battery alert, 25% to decrease brightness, 19% to turn on airplane mode, 16% to turn off Bluetooth, 13% to turn off Wi-fi, 10% to off location services, 7% to vibrate, 4% to respring.

    Anthony: Edge uses less battery life than 3G. Would you consider adding an option to turn the 3G radio off in the settings?
    Akhil: Yes, there are many more updates coming for PowerSaver like the option to not to perform action when the battery is charging and many more actions like a 3G toggle and to completely decrease or increase the brightness and volume.

    Anthony: What other projects are you currently working on, or have you already released in the past?
    Akhil: I am currently working on a project for the lock screen; mainly for those who listen to music on their iDevice. It super charges the media controls by adding more options like fast forward, rewind, shuffle, lyrics, and more to the media controls. I have made about 7 tweaks in total: LockLauncher, LockGestures, SuperSlider, PowerSaver, 6switcher, BrightnessIcons, and StyleUnlock.

    To me, this seems like a great tweak that's worth the money. I'm very enthusiastic about buying this tweak. If you're interested, or have suggestions for the tweak, leave a comment below!

    Sources: Akhil Tolani
    2011-10-16 04:10 AM
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    Cool tweak will have to try this one out
    2011-10-16 04:17 AM
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    Im sold
    2011-10-16 04:50 AM
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    I am impressed , smart boy.
    2011-10-16 05:13 AM
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    Very useful , I'm in

    2011-10-16 02:08 PM
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    all i can see is KickLock
    2011-10-16 04:40 PM
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    Thought this looked great so I gave it a blast. Every time my phone performs an action (ie, turn off wifi) it just crashes into safe mode.

    I have set all my actions 10% apart.

    Has anyone else had any issues?
    If I helped please head on over and smash the Thanks button.

    My Personal Cydia source:
    2011-10-18 04:36 PM
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    Wish that there was preset settings because I'm pretty clueless.
    2011-10-21 02:44 AM