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    This definitely sounds somewhat bias out a 10 people i know that have upgraded to the iPhone 4S including my self none have had any issues with our accounts. Some did it in AT&T stores others online from AT&T and Apple and no issues. Also the only people that can't have the unlimited text w/ mobile to any mobile are individual plans under the 450 minute and family plans under the 700 minute. Lastly I strongly doubt AT&T or any carrier for that matter would remove a feature that they are pushing to keep current customers and gain new ones.
    Of course they would. They advertise something else, to get the customers. Then they lock you into a contract with other features. Then they charge you money to break the contract. They make money either way and that's the only way they see it. Every phone company does this and will continue to do this.
    2011-10-18 09:45 PM
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