1. JedixJarf's Avatar
    Sprint is absolutely horrible when it comes to 3G speeds, anyone who has used sprint even prior to the iPhone should know this.In most places ATT will have the fastest 3G unless your out in BFE then Verizon will most likely reign supreme.
    2011-10-19 05:02 PM
  2. Wildwolf498's Avatar
    It is a reality. Sprint needs to look into this problem.

    For this video to be accurate, AT&T will have to have the same number of bars as sprint and Verizon. Another thing that I notice is that under the speed test app, AT&T is on a different server. AT&T is using a server in KY. While sprint and Verizon are running the download test from Chicago, Il.
    2011-10-20 10:40 PM
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