1. KraXik's Avatar
    The only useful one - Kill all apps, puts me in safe mode also. I do prefer the 'end' all apps rather than 'kill'. Although I feel 'close' would be even better.

    Just need to fix this safe mode annoyance!
    2011-10-23 09:22 PM
  2. Kaospassageraren's Avatar
    Well new update is and no safemode this time but now it doesnt kill any apps..ive got multifl0w and all apps is still open..so time for a name change: weedontwork:P
    My Twitter....powderfinger76
    2011-10-24 12:06 AM
  3. Thailocalguy808's Avatar
    Unfortunately, I've noticed that IF you have a notification theme applied through Winterboard (black, aluminum, etc.. These themes change the BG of the notification bar from the stock apple folder, multitasking, notification skin to black, aluminum, chrome, etc...) that the widgets will not work and will put your phone into a safe mode loop until you uninstall it through cydia.

    If anybody knows how to fix this issue please post and PM to let me know because I would really like to use some of these widgets but really dislike the stock apple BG's.


    found that some of those addons are what is causing it do the safemode thing most of them work just play around until u weed out the ones that dont work properly i have majority of those apps working fine i know the facebook one is junk and theres one more
    2011-10-24 06:45 AM
  4. KraXik's Avatar
    Wow after posting what I said. Then it happened. Maybe coincidence or maybe they listened.

    I like to think they listened. So yay! Thank you!!
    2011-10-24 10:14 PM
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