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    iPod Touch 4g + iOS 5.0

    Not using an iPhone(4 or 4s),
    not seeing any excessive battery drain,

    BUT I'm definitely seeing some differences in time setting with 5.0.

    The iPod (presumably iPhones too) has a rather lame internal clock,
    and it drifts by about 1 second per day (+ .89s or so).

    on iOS4 it syncs time with iTunes, but intermittently and semi-randomly
    so that I find I need to manually sync (e.g. with ntpdate) every few days to keep it in line.

    on iOS5... I have never seen it drift more than 1s off.
    Something is definitely synching, and synching much more often than before.
    And I can't find any user-interface or plist setting to control this behavior.

    Not a problem for me, but I guess if there were a 3G radio waking up and hitting up time servers
    it would be a serious power drain. Possibly the "auto-set time zone" makes it even more hyperactive than default.
    2011-11-01 07:23 PM
  2. unklbyl's Avatar
    Already had this option turned off (from day 1) and my 4S's battery life is still terrible. My iPhone 4 with push email, iMessage, Bluetooth, Wi-fi, notifications, reminders and just about everything else turned on fairs very well on the battery, but the 4S's battery life goes down more than twice as quickly with all the same settings. Perhaps the time zone setting did cause some battery drain, but there's still an issue elsewhere. I can only imagine that it's related to Siri or another difference in the iOS 5 software for the 4S versus the 4, because my 4 has a super battery in comparison. I'd normally suspect that I just got a dud 4S, but a lot of people seem to be having battery issues with it so I'm betting that's not the case.
    Just talked to a not so smart apple (NOT) Genious. he told me to turn off a litiny of features, push, (i don't even have my email account on that phone), and more and more stuff. I asked him if putting it in airplane mode might help and disabling the clock, as it always runs in the background. he seemed to think that MIGHT help!
    I bought a dang phone because it HAD these features.
    Thanks Genious.
    2011-11-02 10:57 PM
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