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    A new report from Flurry has some insight for app developers (for the iOS platform and other platforms as well). Since the introduction of the App Store, mobile apps have gained an exponential amount of attention from users. Having your app discovered and then gaining popularity were usually the biggest issues many developers faced. What most developers end up doing is spending a lot of their time after their app was released to tell as many people about their app so people could find it in the App Store and buy it. Reports from Flurry are claiming that because of the growing number of tools out there for app discovery, the biggest problem faced by apps isnt getting found anymore its trying to get customers to stick around (user retention).

    App user retention drops off largely after the first month of usage and continues to steadily decline afterward. Being an avid app user myself, I can easily see this being the case as it has happened with me a number of times already. I usually move on rather quickly from app to app aside from the essentials (such as social media apps like Facebook and Twitter). It isnt because the apps are bad or decline in quality but more than often, its just because a new app is out for a cheaper price or with more features. Pricing is usually so cheap to begin with that moving on seems much easier. If I paid $40.00 for an app, I wouldnt move on from it as soon as I might from an app that costs $1.00.

    Furthermore, new pricing models are being introduced such as the freemium model, which is causing user retention to become an increasingly important issue for developers. The next tools that should probably be worked on would be tools to help keep users interested in apps as discovery tools such as Game Center and Open Feint have successfully helped users discover new apps. It is pretty interesting to see the changing app ecosystem as time goes on though. The previous problems developers faced (app discovery) has been resolved (for the most part) and now it's time for answers to the new issue: user retention. Let's see what new and innovative ideas stem from this issue.

    How do you feel about the whole situation? Are you one of the many that ends up switching apps often? Share your thoughts below!

    Source: Flurry
    2011-11-01 03:36 AM
  2. czarcasm's Avatar
    most of the apps i download lose their luster very fast. im interested in what "innovative ideas" actually will stem from this issue.
    2011-11-01 03:46 AM
  3. DayumQuitPlayin's Avatar
    I usually stick to apps that Devs constantly update and provide new features or improvements. Apps that I almost immediately delete are ones that seem poorly made or have too many ads or ones that gives the impression that the creator is pushing users to buy. I understand that they want to be compensated, but if your only motivation is money, then I delete your shitty app.
    2011-11-01 03:49 AM
  4. ZG's Avatar
    Yeah. Agree with DayumQuitPlayin on this. Frequent updates are definitely a big thing for me. Unless its like Netflix, updates after update, still as shitty as ever.
    2011-11-01 04:04 AM
  5. emerica6708's Avatar
    Most applications I have I keep, games on the other hand I go threw so fast. Buy a game, play it for a day then I'm tired of it. There are a select few games that I keep, even if I've beaten them, tower defense lost earth for instance. I can't wait to see some solutions to this, hopefully devs will spend more time on one app to make it good, instead of pumping out five apps that were thrown together.
    2011-11-01 04:12 AM
  6. thazsar's Avatar
    I can understand 'why' a developer wants to keep their customers but I don't know how they're going to do it...

    Unfortunately, there probably isn't anything they can do to continue a consumers use since we get so bored so quickly. I remember buying a video game and playing it for months and months. With the iPhone, we can now play 50 games in one day!!! Our options are endless and our attention span is shorter...no wonder ADD is so prevalent! Even Infinity Blade got old and that's the coolest game on an iDevice!!!
    2011-11-01 05:54 AM
  7. krustypinoy's Avatar
    Apps that I keep have either have a reusable function, or replayability (if it is a game). i.e. A productivity app that organises dates and appointments nicely, a very intuitive PDF reader app (one should come to mind), or a great example but not personally used is angry birds lol.
    2011-11-01 06:43 AM
  8. Nintendo Fingers's Avatar
    Me personally I find half the apps useless. Apps like Gun Sounds, Dog Whistle and those apps that keeps track of your "true battery usage" etc are cool for about 10mins then it's like why did I even download this, it's pointless! And I've noticed there are alot of those types of apps. I have a few utility apps that I actually use but it's a once in awhile thing. I mostly play games and even those go by quickly. I was hooked on tap tap for a week but it became blah cause It felt as if I wasn't advancing in anything. Games like angry birds, gangstar, real racing 2...those types of games have staying power cause your unlocking and or advancing in them keeping you interested. I haven't paid for an app in almost 2 years lol
    Screw syncing....I drag & drop!!!
    2011-11-01 06:46 AM
  9. cheaposity's Avatar
    For me I switch apps in case if there is a better application with more features , Like I have facebook for free, However I have facelyHD as well, it has same interface as the free one but has some more features that the free app doesn't provide.
    2011-11-01 08:24 AM
  10. hogcia's Avatar
    This is why suck with my psp & 3ds, because iPhone game app can't compare.
    2011-11-02 04:35 AM
  11. czarcasm's Avatar
    the only games that are gonna keep people coming back are the ones like canabalt and boost 2. games like angry birds are boring after you beat the game, along with the even more in depth games like ravensword. once you beat any game it loses its luster no matter the platform.
    2011-11-02 04:41 AM