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    From the developers who brought us DataMan Pro.....

    Back in October, we reported on DataMan Pro which allowed you to measure your data usage in real time using iOS's internal data counter. It measured up better than the carrier's apps because the carrier's apps do not update in real time. They update when the computers on their end choose to push out the data to our devices.

    Not only can you do this with data usage, but Johnny Ixe from XVision has another app to show us. It's called VoiceMan. VoiceMan works similar to DataMan Pro in that it records your talk minute usage using iOS's built in counter to give you a real time estimate of how many minutes that you use. Like data, carrier apps such as myAT&T do not update your minutes in real time. You can see your minutes in iOS's settings just like you can view data, however iOS is ignorant to your carrier contracts and will not alert you when you come close to your limits. This is where VoiceMan shines. When signing a contract with a carrier, you agree on terms of a certain amount of minutes per month. With Voice Man, when you hit that limit, a popup notification will appear telling you that you've used X amount of minutes. X being the amount that you are limited to. The app won't actually cut off your talk-time, but it will tell you that you've met your limit. You can set thresholds which will alert you every time to reach a certain percentage of your minutes. These thresholds are useful if you talk a lot and you want to be alerted when you get low on minutes and need to know when to start cutting your conversations short.

    You can geotag where your minutes were used – similar to how DataMan Pro geotagged where you used your data. This helps if you're having a hard time remembering why your bill is so high, as it will remind you how and where you used your minutes.

    In VoiceMan you can also look to see the amount of minutes that you've used within a certain amount of time. If you have a high bill, you can easily check between dates to see when you had the greatest amount of minute consumption. The GUI for checking your dates is shown below, and you tap on 'done' when you have selected the dates you want to view; VoiceMan will then show you the output you asked for:

    VoiceMan pulls network data from iOS, not from your carrier. iOS, in case you were unaware, has network monitoring settings under Settings>General>Usage>Cellular usage. This app monitors changes in those numbers to come up with accurate real time results that the cellular company needs wait to push out every once in a while. Because these numbers can be viewed directly from iOS, you might ask me why this app is even necessary. It's useful because it offers automated notifications and deep customizable settings. iOS won't notify you when you get close to your minutes limit, nor will AT&T (unless it's too late of course). So this app is good on your personal economy. You can also see the duration of any call down to the exact second. The accuracy of VoiceMan is pretty astounding and may come as useful to people who like to talk a lot or use their phone a lot for business or conferences.

    VoiceMan will keep a percentage of the minutes you use with the amount that you tell it is your max allowed to use. So If I tell it that I can use 700 minutes total and I use 350, it will tell me that I've used 50% of my available minutes (I haven't used any, though):

    One thing I have noticed is that because VoiceMan (DataMan Pro, too) work in the background, iOS will inadvertently close it in the middle of trying to capture your information on minutes. When this happens you get a message that looks like this:

    You can just slide it to continue using VoiceMan, so there's no real problem there, but if you aren't fast, VoiceMan will remain suspended until you actually force it to continue manually.

    Full Name: VoiceMan - Real Time Voice Minute Manager with Geotag
    Price: $3.99
    Rating:  3 out of 5
    Author: Johnny Ixe
    Compatibility: iPhone

    The Giveaway.

    Johnny Ixe was generous enough to give away 3 copies of VoiceMan. Here's how to win:

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    Winners will be announced on Friday, November 4.

    Good luck to all of you! Tell us why you need VoiceMan with your Twitter handle included in the comments to improve your chances of winning!

    Sources: Johnny Ixe
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    Do y'all still get payed for these articles if no one replies? Granted I just replied to it
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    Do y'all still get payed for these articles if no one replies? Granted I just replied to it
    got any other free apps that has the above mentioned features?
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