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    Want to block disruptive ads in Safari in iOS 5?

    AdBlockPlus is a very well-known and popular add-on for the Firefox Web Browser. It blocks all kinds of annoying ads that plague your Web browsing experience. But what if I told you that there was an iOS version? Well.. you'd probably say, "well yeah, there's been one for a long time." Okay, you're right. There have been numerous AdBlockPlus copycats for iOS. But one of them for sure stands out, and it's the one that works fully and absolutely with iOS 5! AdBlocker is the iOS version of AdBlockPlus developed by Yllier and it works like a charm. Below is a before and after shot of before AdBlocker was installed and after it was installed:

    Why is something like this useful? Well, for one, blocking those annoying ads that have to load every time you go to a Web Page can save data costs. Why else? Because it eliminates the annoying clutter that ruins your beautiful Web browsing experience. In iOS 5, Apple did a pretty good job adding the Reader function to Safari to allow you to pull the text out of a Web Page to ignore the clutter surrounding it. But with this tweak, you don't even have to do that, you can simply browse Ad-free. It's as easy as flicking a button in settings into the on position and then browsing away! Let's take a look at the settings of AdBlocker:

    Here you can enable or disable AdBlocker on your device. It's as simple as that.

    In this section, you can customize your AdBlocker lists. AdBlocker comes with some pre-built-in lists that will help get you started in blocking ads; AdBlockPlus for Firefox does the same thing when you subscribe to the fanboy's list when you first install it. If you tap on that setting, you get a window that looks like this:

    German and English is selected by default; you can enable them all if you want, but since the Internet is predominantly English, it makes sense to turn on simply English since those are mostly the sites you visit around here; unless you are from a foreign country, then you can enable your own language. It's not recommended that you enable all of them because then AdBlocker has to check around for Ads of all of those languages which can dramatically slow down your browsing. Using one or two language filters will not slow you down. You can also input your own custom lists. So if you have a list of things you like to block, you can add them in yourself. You could import what you have in AdBlockPlus into AdBlocker for iOS. Then there's also the whitelist which are the Ads that you want to see, and the blacklist which are the Ads that you don't want to see.

    Other Apps:
    AdBlocker will not block iAds or Lite version Ads. AdBlocker only has the power to block Web-based Ads. Some applications run from the Web, and those can have their Ads blocked. But remember that this will not block Ads in the free version of an App Store app that you normally have to pay to remove them, and it will not block iAds.

    That's really it. It's an excellent AdBlocker application. Kudos to you Yllier! The key to is app is saving money on data usage and increasing Web Page loading times. You can pick up AdBlocker in Cydia from the BigBoss repo today!

    Price: $2.19
    Developer: Yllier
    Version: 1.30
    iOS 5 Compatibility: Full
    Editor's Rating:  5/5

    I was able to speak to Yllier via email and ask some questions regarding AdBlocker.

    Anthony: What was the major motivation behind creating this tweak and how does it work in comparison to other Ad-Blockers?
    Yllier: I don't hate ads, but they're pretty annoying if you are on a limited data plan. There's already was a tweak in Cydia called AdBlocker for Safari (without 'er' at the end), but it hasn't been updated since iOS 3.x and is not compatible with newer iOS versions. I created my own application with a superior technique; blocking ads at a lower level. It not only works with Safari but works with all browser-like apps which are using UIWebViews to display content (browsers). However, it doesn't block ads from services like iAd or AdMob, simply because those are using a totally different system.

    Anthony: Is AdBlocker compatible with Apple's new iOS 5?
    Yllier: Yes, it's fully compatible with iOS 5.

    Anthony: Are you planning any major updates for AdBlocker in the future?
    Yllier: No, but I'm constantly tweaking the code.

    The Giveaway!

    Yllier was generous enough to offer FIVE copies of AdBlocker. Here's how to win:

    Follow me @Geop0x
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    Retweet this article with your Cydia number in the tweet if you do not have the Cydia number in your tweet, you will be disqualified from the drawing. Within the tweet you must also mention @Geop0x so that I can easily see who has entered the drawing. If you don't mention me, you will also be disqualified. The tweet must include the following text, "Win a copy of AdBlocker for iPhone!"

    Winners will be announced on Thursday, November 10.

    To increase your chances of winning:
    Give us an idea of a tweak that Yllier could work on in the future. Include your Twitter handle. In order to increase your odds you must make the comment below AND follow the above retweeting instructions. Good luck!

    Sources: Yllier
    2011-11-10 06:43 AM
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    Awesome. Hadnt thought about an app like this. I wish though that it would be able to block ads in apps like iAd
    2011-11-10 07:02 AM
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    Is there an option to tap and hold on ads to add to white or black list?https://twitter.com/#!/Commandor
    2011-11-10 07:02 AM
  4. KraXik's Avatar
    I would like an Ad stopper for Cydia. They are waaaaay OTT.
    2011-11-10 07:58 AM
  5. MrTax's Avatar
    2011-11-10 08:07 AM
  6. duromega's Avatar
    I wish I could have an app to block ads in modmyi LOL

    2011-11-10 09:27 AM
  7. Yllier's Avatar
    Is there an option to tap and hold on ads to add to white or black list?https://twitter.com/#!/Commandor
    yes, there is. you can tap&hold an image. Then you'll get the option to create a blocking rule (black list) based on the URL of the image.
    2011-11-10 11:49 AM
  8. tupac19861013's Avatar
    Can we enable add a feature to learn & block mode in Safari, so that would be easy for the high end safari user.My Twitter Acc : @tupac19861013

    Love this tweak, but as on your FIP if you could add the learn & block mode to the app, that would be really convenient to the high end Safari users.My twitter acc : @tupac19861013My Cydia Acc #1202888
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    2011-11-10 08:12 PM
  9. JedixJarf's Avatar
    I bought it, then realized it doesn't block ads in Cydia.
    2011-11-11 12:22 AM
  10. Yllier's Avatar
    Often people ask why AdBlocker (or Firewall iP) doesn't work in Cydia. It's not my doing, in fact I would like to enable it for Cydia too, but it's impossible from my side.

    Cydia runs as root. That means tweaks can't directly inject their code into Cydia (like it works with SpringBoard or other apps). Therefor I can't do anything about it . The only one who CAN do something about it is Saurik. Cydia's code has to programmatically load extensions/tweaks. That is the fact with two extensions: libstatusbar (so you can have the custom status bar items displayed while Cydia is running) and Activator; if Cydia wouldn't load them itself, they wouldn't work while Cydia is active.

    So it's not my wrongdoing that my tweaks aren't working in Cydia.

    There are two solutions to this problem:
    1. bother Saurik until he allows more extensions hooking into Cydia
    2. Build/Compile your own version of Cydia which loads all the extensions you want. Instructions on how to play with the Cydia code can be found here: Private Paste - Pastie


    PS: Someone should write a front page article about that cause I get many emails asking for this
    2011-11-11 02:37 AM
  11. PatrickGSR94's Avatar
    Does anyone else think it's odd that the article author is showing one of MMi's own pages with their own revenue-producing ads being blocked? LOL!
    2011-11-14 09:45 PM
  12. fine12's Avatar
    Can we enable add a feature to learn & block mode in Safari.
    2011-11-15 07:34 AM