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    We were teased throughout the iOS 5 hype, that it would boast the ability to allow FaceTime over 3G, only to be disappointed that it was not included in the final release. As it turns out, Apple didn't remove this feature entirely, but rather simply disabled it. One can only imagine this makes things easier for Apple rather than removing the entire framework.

    We've had a similar ability to perform calls over 3G by using apps like My3G, however this little tweak requires some modification of text rather than an entire app. Thanks to the folks over at FSM with the help of hamzasood, they've discovered a simple plist modification to allow this.

    What do you need to enable this feature? Well, obviously you will need a Jailbroken iDevice on iOS 5, and some general knowledge in editing plist files. Not sure what to do, follow along with this guide and you shouldn't have any problems. We do however take no responsibility if you run into troubles, as it isnt always the best idea to be tinkering with default settings.

    Nontheless, here we go:

    1. Download iFile or an alternative of such. Something to give you access to your filesystem on your iPhone. Launch it.

    2. Browse to /System/Library/CoreServices/SpringBoard.app/

    3. Locate and open the file named N90AP.plist

    4. Look for the line of text that says:

    HTML Code:
    Underneath this, enter the following, making sure to not leave any additional spaces or lines:

    HTML Code:
    5. Save the file, and respring your device.

    That's it, nothing more. Remember to make sure your entering the code properly and paying attention to any formatting.

    Let us know your experiences with this new tweak.
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    2011-11-16 03:47 AM
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    Welcome back my friend!
    2011-11-16 03:59 AM
  3. poa317's Avatar
    That's great! All we need is the jailbreak for the iPhone 4s phone
    2011-11-16 04:00 AM
  4. Nick Hesson's Avatar
    Lol, yes hello!! i AM alive! It's true. Aloha!
    2011-11-16 04:02 AM
  5. Rescuer's Avatar
    method confirmed by me to not work.
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    2011-11-16 04:12 AM
  6. jay716's Avatar
    Can this be done with ifunbox on a non jailbroken 4s?
    2011-11-16 04:16 AM
  7. Nick Hesson's Avatar
    as long as you can access the plist, i see no problem with whatever tool you use. just need to edit the plist.
    2011-11-16 04:19 AM
  8. dsg's Avatar
    Can this be done with ifunbox on a non jailbroken 4s?
    no because you need root access
    2011-11-16 04:37 AM
  9. Rescuer's Avatar
    Can this be done with ifunbox on a non jailbroken 4s?
    i tried iExplore and it only views the media and apps. (non jailbroken)

    tried iBackupBot. it doesn't view root files. the panoramic trick works cause it's in a library file
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    2011-11-16 04:46 AM
  10. javiert30's Avatar
    Works perfect, done and edited with iPhone Explorer and TextEdit
    2011-11-16 04:53 AM
  11. bm3074's Avatar
    works gr8, done with ifile. thanks heaps
    2011-11-16 05:03 AM
  12. jay716's Avatar
    Works perfect, done and edited with iPhone Explorer and TextEdit
    Do you need to be jail broken using Iexplorer cause I don't see system/library/coreservices/

    Nevermind thanks anyway I answerd my on question I'll just wait for the jailbreak
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    2011-11-16 05:34 AM
  13. GrandMasterB's Avatar
    For whatever its worth I don't have a N90AP.plist. Mine is named N92AP.plist. Edited the plist as instructed and it works great. THANKS!
    2011-11-16 05:46 AM
  14. nataliesn's Avatar
    AWESOME !!!</br></br>
    If you've got more "Easter eggs" - Please share with us </br>

    Jailbreak & Unlock
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    2011-11-16 05:59 AM
  15. NakedFaerie's Avatar
    Will that also work with IOS 4.3.3?Better than another MS task.
    2011-11-16 01:28 PM
  16. thehunter398's Avatar
    Admin edit
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    2011-11-16 01:54 PM
  17. zinjen's Avatar
    Very nice tweak! I wish they could do this with the new "Mirroring" feature on the iPhone 4S & iPad2... I love using it on my iPad2 but really would like to use it on my jailbroken iPhone 4 Anyone here know if its as simple as a .plist tweak?
    Don't forget to hit the thanks button if you liked what I said or did
    2011-11-16 03:59 PM
  18. srome95's Avatar
    Will that also work with IOS 4.3.3?Better than another MS task.
    no this is an iOS5 easter egg, it wasnt included in iOS4
    2011-11-16 04:02 PM
  19. spektro's Avatar
    Works only in iOS 5.For those wondering how could this be found, see below. Its pretty obvious when you look for in the correct place:By spkdev at 2011-11-16
    2011-11-16 04:32 PM
  20. EBASS's Avatar
    is there a sep by step vid for this...lol
    2011-11-16 05:01 PM
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