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    Here's the thing, it really isn't. All the benchmark tests point to the fact that while the Android phones have speed on paper, in actuality, they do not.
    iPhone 4S Crushes Android Phones in Web Browsing Benchmark Results | News & Opinion | PCMag.com
    Apple, iPhone and iPad News | ModMyi - iOS 5 and iPhone 4S Show Huge Performance Leap According To BrowserMark Scores
    iPhone 4S benchmarks: Twice as fast as the Galaxy S II, Droid Bionic | ExtremeTech

    Looks to me that the Galaxy SII is TWICE as slow as the 4S.

    Until someone can show me some proof of a faster Android device, it's all just fanboyish clamoring.
    Maybe you need to read the article again, they are comparing browsermark scores not FLOPS. Speed on paper really? here is a . 8 month old phone still is on par with Iphone 4S.
    2011-11-18 07:37 PM
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    Did you click all of the links? Here's a more in-depth one that includes more than just browsermark scores.
    AnandTech - iPhone 4S Preliminary Benchmarks: ~800MHz A5, Slightly Slower GPU than iPad 2, Still Very Fast

    When you compare the speed of a phone running different OS', browsermark tests and others of the like are all you can go on. Both phones are required to do the same thing. Yes, the GS2 has a faster processor, but it cannot complete the same tasks as quickly as the iPhone 4S. If both phones were running the same software, the GS2 would be the winner across the board. That is the fundamental flaw of all Android devices, none of them are designed to integrate with the OS as well as the iPhone. At the end of the day, the iPhone is faster.

    Think of it like this, a 600 horsepower car is in a drag race with a 400 horsepower car. Car A should win but it doesn't because it can't put the power to the road and car B ends up winning the race.
    2011-11-18 08:25 PM
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    All for the $$$$...
    2011-11-18 11:59 PM
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    The us version of the galaxy s2 might be slow with all that bloat ware but the european version is quicker , and the nokia lumia windows phone ( out now in europe ) is also a snappy phone with that curved display , which is quite cool and feels good as well , iphone 4s is way behind in europe , maybe the usa not but we have more phones than you
    2011-11-19 01:35 AM
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    i wasn't a fan of any other phone sine iphone exist. Ofcourse iphone was the best smartphone because nobody could think like Apple's company did, and they did go the right direction, iphone became the world most popular phone that every body want it. But comon, does iphone satisfy what people want it now? too much restriction on IoS, you brought the iphone but Apple still rules it not you, what was the change of iphone 3, 3s, 4, 4s? yes, there were alot of changed but how much time they took it to just change a little thing? They did not focus on what people need, and that's why other phone company saw that. Other phone company dig out the good things about the iphone and combine their technology to make the new world phone better than iphone now. yes it's happening right now... Apple should stop accuse other companys for copying their product. it's a like but it's not the same, it's just better. It's got things that people want it.... if you a fan of apple, you should try some other brand. and maybe you will think different.. Free your mind and don't blind yourself
    2011-11-19 06:23 AM
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    spelled stream and favorite wrong
    It actually goes more like this:
    You misspelled "stream" and "favorite".
    2011-11-19 08:54 PM
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