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    Are you guys serious? These are phones, you can buy them in the marketplace. They don't define who you are. Who cares which is "better," better than what? For who? It's relative.My RAZR was certainly better (for what I used it for) than my iPhone 3. The 3GS improved things, and the 4 did more. But I still miss some of the common-sense things my RAZR had, like shortcut buttons (assignable) on the side.But I sold my RAZR and have been using iPhones, because I like them. If I decide I don't like them, I'll get something else. The phone is not a stand-in for a personal body part, it does not make me better or smarter than you. It's a phone. My computer is my computer. My camera is my camera. My car is my car. I purchased them because of numerous factors (cost, availability, performance, resale value, ease of use, etc.). Are my Nikons better than your Canons? I LIKE them more. But the photos will be approximately the same if I use either. My Mac works for me (I don't play games with it, so maybe your PC is better for you and your needs). Cars? Faster vs. milage vs. dependability vs. "sexiness." Is mine better than yours? It just suits my needs better, but what, actually, is "better?" That is in the eye of the beholder/user/consumer. Well, my phone is just a phone. I call with it, I text with it, I go on the web with it a bit, my kid plays some games on it. I'm sure it will be approximately the same if I use another type of phone. A comparable user experience. Now, of course, "my gal is red-hot, your gal ain't doodle squat." Sorry, couldn't resist. So, how about an end to the name calling and the sureness of your opinions and we just talk about WHY we like our purchased products? That could be a fun discussion and no one gets their panties in a bunch over someone else's choices.
    Best comment on ModMyI ever
    2011-11-21 10:18 PM
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    Just because you write about them doesn't mean you know what you are talking about...
    Oh JEEZUZ.

    I am an IT major. I know what I am talking about. Nit pickers... tsk tsk.
    2011-11-21 10:43 PM
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    Once the nexus is released a better android phone will follow it 30 days later and then you are left in the dust already when you thought you had the latest and greatest.
    2011-11-22 05:14 AM
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