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    This new tweak will let you scroll with motion, or with buttons.

    Have you ever wanted to scroll through a Web Page on iOS, but the Web Page was so long that you got tired of flicking your finger up and down to find things? We have a solution for you! You can now scroll by tilting your iDevice using the accelerometer, or if you prefer, the volume buttons. This tweak will not disable your ability to scroll normally, so you get to pick between all three options on demand! The tweak is called PhyScroll and it's made by a developer named Pedro Franceschi.

    The settings allow you to control the sensitivity of the accelerometer while scrolling and the amount of pixels scrolled through using the buttons. The settings also let you control which settings allow you to scroll (buttons or movement), and allow the option for you to use an activator action to activate PhyScroll. By default, you need to press down both volume buttons to enable PhyScroll then release. From there you can use either the volume buttons or the accelerometer (or both) to scroll depending on which options you picked from the settings. To disable PhyScroll, just press both volume buttons again, and release them. The settings can be viewed below:

    Here is a video demonstration of PhyScroll in action by the developer himself:

    I contacted Pedro Franceschi via email to learn a little more about him and also about PhyScroll:

    Anthony: Write about a paragraph describing a little bit about yourself.
    Pedro: My name is Pedro Franceschi, I'm a 15 year-old iOS developer. I'm Brazilian and I started coding when I was 10 years old. I've been developing things for iPhone since 2008, even before the iPhone SDK was released using alternative methods. I've released PhySwitch (in Cydia Store too) and now PhyScroll. That's a basic description of me. :)

    Anthony: What does PhyScroll do for iPhone users?
    Pedro: PhyScroll allows iPhone and iPad users to scroll in any application with their hardware (accelerometer and volume buttons).

    Anthony: Why did you create PhyScroll?
    Pedro: I created PhyScroll because I always hated to scroll with my fingers in long texts, like RSS feeds, so, I was thinking about using accelerometer and volume buttons to make it easier and faster.

    Anthony: What was the hardest part about making PhyScroll?
    Pedro: The hardest part probably was to make the scroll smooth enough using accelerometer. I spent days finding good values of acceleration/deceleration to achieve the smoothness you see today.

    Anthony: Are there any configuration settings for PhyScroll? If so, what are your preferred settings?
    Pedro: Yes, there are configuration settings in PhyScroll's preferences in the Settings app, and the default configuration is my preferred. :)

    This tweak has a really cool idea behind it. Nice work, Pedro!

    Name: PhyScroll
    Price: $1.99
    Version: 1.0
    Repo: BigBoss
    Developer: Pedro Franceschi
    Editor's Rating: / 4.5/5

    The Giveaway!

    Pedro Franceschi was generous enough to give away FIVE copies of PhyScroll!

    Here's how to win:

    Follow me @BouchardAnthony
    Follow ModMyi @Modmyi
    Retweet this article with your Cydia number in the tweet; if you do not have the Cydia number in your tweet, you will be disqualified from the drawing. Within the tweet you must also mention @BouchardAnthony so that I can easily see who has entered the drawing. If you don't mention me, you will also be disqualified. The tweet must include the following text, "I entered a contest to win PhyScroll for my iDevice!"

    Winners will be announced on Thursday, November 24. Good luck to all of you that enter!

    Sources: Pedro Franceschi
    2011-11-24 12:40 AM
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    Man... kids are getting brighter and brighter started coding at 10 jeez... dont remember what i was doing at 10 but im sure wasnt coding.
    2011-11-24 03:28 AM
  3. jfreezy's Avatar
    I purchased - but would like to reach out to Pedro for a couple needed suggestions. Contact info?
    2011-11-24 04:35 AM
  4. syedsufyan's Avatar
    The bad part about using Activator on volume buttons(at least according mine and some friends' experiences) is that the volume changes one notch at a time even if you hold it for a long time.
    2011-11-24 04:58 AM
  5. jfreezy's Avatar
    You can change the activation method and usage in Activator. The problem is - you can't adjust the sensitivity of the accelerometer and every time you touch the screen after enabling - it disables it.
    2011-11-24 05:17 AM
  6. rxracer's Avatar
    There used to be an app in cydia that you could triple tap on the page for rapid scrolling. Quick scroll I think it was.
    2011-11-24 01:28 PM
  7. Anthony Bouchard's Avatar
    There used to be an app in cydia that you could triple tap on the page for rapid scrolling. Quick scroll I think it was.
    2011-11-26 01:47 AM
  8. bencjedi's Avatar
    I had to uninstall this tweak. It interferes with the KillBackground tweak which is used to kill all running apps at once. Very unfortunate! When I had Physcroll installed whenever I went to use KillBackground, whenever I brought up the running apps tray and held on an app so it would start to wiggle to begin to kill those running apps the screen became unresponsive. I would tap anywhere and nothing would happen at all.. the apps would continue to wiggle with the deletion marks over them, but it essentially just locked up my iPhone 4. If I waited about 3-4 minutes like this, the phone would reboot itself. Being on iOS 5.0.1 tethered this is a major pain. I suspect the author needs to do something with his code to not interfere with the running apps tray.. Physcroll was probably thinking it needed to scroll that mini-bar or something. I uninstalled Physcroll and the behavior went away with KillBackground, so things are normal again. Shame I wasted $1.99 though...

    Anyone know how to contact the dev to look into this conflict?
    2011-11-27 11:12 PM