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    Ok, I am not sure where everyone is getting better coverage on AT&T than T-Mobile, I have both (AT&T for work and T-Mobile for personal) and I have to say that I often have coverage (3G or better) with T-Mobile, even when AT&T has no coverage at all.I have to say that overall this is great news for the consumers and the economy, by merging with AT&T, I would imagine that at least 90% of T-Mobile staff (because they are much better) would be laid off.As for the data recently hitting iPhone users, all they have to do is call customer service, they will reverse the charges and block data. When we were still being charged for data, they even set up the account to automatically reverse all data charges. Try getting that service with AT&T.As for only being on Edge, T-Mobile's edge is faster that AT&T's 3G these days in my area, which is sad, but true.
    2011-11-28 07:04 PM
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    Ok, I am not sure where everyone is getting better coverage on AT&T than T-Mobile
    Everywhere I have ever been. I spend a lot of time in southern California, and in Iowa for school. It seems TMO can't get good reception inside building almost anywhere I go. When you use a phone as your main line, reception indoors is pretty important.

    I ask you this; do you travel? Where do you live? How far outside of that zone do you generally go? I don't doubt TMO is great for you. I also don't doubt that the majority of users speak the truth when they say their experience simply wasn't good.
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    2011-11-29 11:23 AM
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    I have T-Mobile on my unlocked iPhone 4 and I am so happy this deal did not go through. I could not afford to have an iPhone on any other carrier; T-Mobile's prices, policies, and customer care far surpass that of any other carrier. We have 5 lines on our plan: we all share 550 Whenever minutes with unlimited nights/weekends/T-Mo to T-Mo calling, unlimited texting, and 3 of our lines have unlimited data. Our entire monthly bill is less than $110 every month. Of course, we can't use 3G data, but T-Mobile's EDGE is actually fast enough to stream live TV over-the-air with my Slingbox, and that's good enough for me. Let's not forget all of AT&T's policy changes since they first got the iPhone that directly affect iPhone users:
    • Unlimited data no longer an option for new customers
    • Data speed throttling for those lucky enough to still have unlimited data
    • ETFs increased by almost 100% for smartphone users
    • All texting plans except for unlimited removed shortly after unveiling of iMessage
    • "Bait-and-switch" with 3G iPad's advertised flexible data plans

    When I got this iPhone, I signed up for AT&T. After 2 months, I canceled and went back to T-Mobile. That precious, elusive 3G I had dreamed of having for years turned out to be totally worthless with only 2GB of bandwidth. Sure, I had the data speed to watch Hulu on-the-go now, but I would end up tearing through my monthly limit in a week. I'm far happier on T-Mobile, and that will never change.
    2011-11-29 02:52 PM
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