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    Get one of the best Cydia messaging clients for only $6.99 right now.

    Many of you I'm sure are exhausted after tirelessly shopping all day yesterday, exploiting all the wonderful sales on Black Friday. For Cydia users worldwide, the savings can continue. The guys at SpiritOfLogic are running a "After Black Friday and Pre Cyber Monday" sale for iRealSMS 3.0 right now as we speak. And the best part; you don't have to leave the house!

    Originally $9.99, you can get iRealSMS and all its goodies for only $6.99 for a limited time. iRealSMS has a lot of messaging features to offer, including the following:

    • Folders
    • Quick reply/Quick send
    • Blacklist
    • Tons of configuration
    • Voice notifications
    • Credits (buy if you don't have a texting plan)
    • Much more

    It's counterpart, biteSMS, also has a $9.99 price tag at full retail. This makes it a strong rival against iRealSMS. If you are on the fence about which messaging client to choose or you're into good deals, you may want to snag this one since it's on sale. It's jammed packed with useful features, beyond what is noted above.

    It's unknown when the sale is up, so grab it while it's hot! iRealSMS 3.0 is compatible on all firmwares iOS 3+ and even offers an unlimited free trial for users who want to give it a test. All devices are supported as well.

    Name: iRealSMS 3.0
    Author: SpiritOfLogic
    Price: $6.99 (limited time - original $9.99)

    Maybe if you spent all day yesterday shopping for others, today might be the day to shop for yourself!

    Visit the iRealSMS website for more information.

    Source: SpiritOfLogic, iRealSMS
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    2011-11-26 07:07 PM
  2. ericmac017's Avatar
    I prefer BiteSMS, but then again that was on iOS 4. Once a public release of a jailbreak for 4S comes out maybe I'll try this
    2011-11-26 07:44 PM
  3. boringdays's Avatar
    iRealSMS is the best.. if I could have only one JB app, it'd be iRealSMS for sure.
    2011-11-26 08:16 PM
  4. 2k1's Avatar
    Never tried that tweak before always used bite SMS
    2011-11-26 08:22 PM
  5. xxhorseriderxxx's Avatar
    textfree > pay4textcredits
    2011-11-26 08:26 PM
  6. jfreezy's Avatar
    iReal doesn't play well with ISX - downloaded both last night and it doesn't integrate as well as BiteSMS.
    2011-11-26 10:14 PM
  7. Jaredtodd69's Avatar
    The bluetooth feature is why I like ireal better then bite
    2011-11-26 11:00 PM
  8. loud.n.clean's Avatar
    The one thing I like about BiteSMS that iRealSMS doesn't have is the pull down conversation in Quick Reply/Quick Compose and one feature that iRealSMS has that BiteSMS doesn't is that you can send a pic in Quick Reply/Quick Compose also iRealSMS has Inbox Folders Drafts, exc
    2011-11-27 12:11 AM
  9. sziklassy's Avatar
    Used biteSMS prior to getting a 4S (witing patiently for a JB). How is this different from bite?
    2011-11-27 12:33 AM
  10. confucious's Avatar
    I use BiteSMS - others may vary, but...
    He who asks a question looks foolish for 5 minutes. He who doesn't ask a question remains foolish forever.
    2011-11-27 01:12 AM
  11. GrandMasterB's Avatar
    I have both. Bite has more depth in features and seems to play better with ISX. With irealsms I do like the folders and ability to Bluetooth read my texts to me but whats up with the BLURRY ireal icon? Looks terrible on the retina display
    2011-11-27 03:10 AM
  12. Tashawn's Avatar
    BiteSMS FTW!
    2011-11-27 03:42 AM
  13. sirbebe's Avatar
    Bites is the way apple should have implemented there texting from the beginning the interface and options are so easy to use and save a load of time with the quick functions it has.
    Black iPhone 4 32G jail-broken iOS 5.1 R.P
    2011-11-27 04:32 PM