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    I'm not sure I'd call them "shady". They've been around for quite a while on a few other platforms (notably the Blackberry and recently on Android). I used them when I had a BB Curve and the software worked quite well.

    If they had been slipstreaming trojans into their client, you'd have heard about it long before now. If your AV software does flag it as malicious, I'd be more inclined to believe it was a false positive. After all, they've been wrong before.
    Thanks, I actually knew nothing about this company. I tried to visit their URL, and the site threw back a server error. I know now that it is probably because they are getting slammed with requests. After googling them, I can see from google site links that they are on other platforms. This does make me feel A LOT better. Thanks for the info!
    2011-11-29 08:58 AM
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    This does not work! I'm on mac with 2011 MBP Lion 10.7.2 with an iPhone 4S... on the phone it says the app licence is expired and I need to register. On mac side it blinks connected for a second then goes on to say that the app is not running on the iPhone. This is a sad and sorry waste of $15 :-(
    Not to worry. this app works, it's legit. The servers are being slammed right now, but I was able to eventually get things up and running. The Licence will auto resolve as soon as it gets connex to the reg serve. Patience. But assurance it works.... eventually :P

    2011-11-29 08:58 AM
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    This does not work! I'm on mac with 2011 MBP Lion 10.7.2 with an iPhone 4S... on the phone it says the app licence is expired and I need to register. On mac side it blinks connected for a second then goes on to say that the app is not running on the iPhone. This is a sad and sorry waste of $15 :-(
    Exact same here, iPhone 4 not working! Time to report to apple and my dish back.
    2011-11-29 09:05 AM
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    Well, that goes without saying. I'm talking about unknowingly installing a "virus" of sorts or Trojan hidden inside these client applications. In which case, you don't even need to be using their service at the time for them to listen in. Again, I could be being overly cautious.
    I would expect the risk of that being just about the same as getting such malware from any other app on the appstore. If this one has the ability to sneak past Apple, I am sure others do too.

    If I'm not mistaken, this is from the same developer of Tether for Blackberry when I was on a berry. Quite reliable actually! Worked pretty well. Don't think that this will get pulled anytime as the it doesn't really go against Apple's terms and conditions, just that it contravenes certain network operator's policy on tethering usage which doesn't much concerns Apple. Where I am in Malaysia, tether is absolutely allowed under fair usage and part of the data plan. But anyone tried it over wifi?
    That's why Apple doesn't allow facetime and other such services over 3G, right? Also why netflix and youtube are automatically crap quality when not on wifi? If apps like this were truly allowed and condoned by Apple, there would be no place for them in cydia.
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    2011-11-29 11:05 AM
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    This wasn't snuck past Apple


    @besweeet We were very clear with Apple what our app did. They asked us a bunch of questions and then approved us.
    2011-11-29 12:55 PM
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    I already purchased iTether on Cydia. I suppose there is no way to transfer my license. Right? If so, it will be my pleasure to pay just a bit more and purchase MyWi instead. Because if iThether had been 14$ on Cydia, I would have choosen MyWi for 25$ instead. I prefer my MyWi but iThether was much cheaper. It's not the case anymore.
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    2011-11-29 01:15 PM
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    Works well. I just got it running. I hope AT&T wont mess with my unlimited plan as this is not a jailbreak app it's just an innocent app store item. Super off that it made it to the app store.
    They will cancel it. In iTether's TOS you have to have tethering attached to your plan. If you are not paying for it through your carrier it is still as illegal as MyWi and PDANet. The app got through, according to their twitter, due to "playing by the rules". Not sure whether this one slipped through Apple’s net or it’s a change of policy, but there’s a good chance it won’t be available for long.

    Unless your data plan specifically allows tethering, chances are using this app will violate the carrier’s terms and conditions and your plan will be changed if you have unlimited. Just my opinion and thoughts.
    2011-11-29 01:38 PM
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    tooo!!! much money for this app.
    2011-11-29 02:16 PM
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    This was no mistake and it was not snuck by.
    They are counting on people using it who don't have a tethering plan. This will help them reduce the number of unlimited data plans out there.
    You will get switched and since the TOS of the app require a tethering plan, you will not have an excuse of "oh, I didn't know" and you will be stuck on a 4GB plan.
    Badges? We don't need no stinking badges!
    2011-11-29 03:38 PM
  10. chstriker11's Avatar
    You can certainly tether, but I bet you would still be compromising your data. ATT sees you tethering and slaps you in the face with a 4GB tethering package that you can't do a darn thing about. It's happened with all the Cydia apps, why would anyone think this to be the exception.
    If you tether through the AT&T version of iPhone tethering, you are forced onto a 4GB data plan, and charged again for their "tethering fee" on top of it. This tool would provide a way for users to tether without getting bumped to 4GB plan and without the tethering fee on top of it. Yes, it works the same as mywi (in a sense) and they have had a massively hard time shutting down the users that are not using their approved tethering package because it uses the same method to produce the tether. Therefore, this method would not compromise your data plan either. I find this very useful, especially for 4S owners who don't have the ability to jailbreak yet.
    2011-11-29 03:49 PM
  11. GmAz's Avatar
    Its easy. Let it through for a week or two and then yank it. TONS of people will pay $14.99 for it and Apple will reap the profits for a while then yank it so they can keep their "mightier than thou" presence.
    2011-11-29 04:14 PM
  12. Firefighter0205's Avatar
    This tool would provide a way for users to tether without getting bumped to 4GB plan and without the tethering fee on top of it.... Therefore, this method would not compromise your data plan either.
    Yes it will get you bumped to a 4GB plan and a tethering plan. The Terms of Service of this app require you to have a tethering plan. If you don't, you are in violation of the ToS and Apple now has absolute authority to switch your plan and charge you more. Period.
    You've all been warned. Enough said.
    Badges? We don't need no stinking badges!
    2011-11-29 04:34 PM
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    the iphone 4 comes with teathering built in so this is useless to all iphone 4 users.
    the ipads cant teather their data accounts that I know of so they wont be getting it either.
    iPods dont have data so they wont get it.
    looks like this is only useful to iphone 3G users. A very limited market at a stupidly high price.

    If crApple will remove it for teathering then why approve it in the first place? They really are stupid sometimes.
    BUt you have to pay monthly for the ability, Where this is a one time fee. Great if you have unlimited data plan and have a 4s that is not jailbreakable yet
    2011-11-29 04:47 PM
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    I don't see this being any different in the eyes of the carriers. It is still a utility to tether, while it would be just an alternative tethering tool for those with already tethering plans it will still violate TOC with those with unlimited no tether data plans. Just because its on App Store does not mean that it somehow grants you the right to tether your unlimited data. I thought that everyone is already up to date with why carriers have enforced tethering rules... It's simple, they now have tethering plans and they want you to use them.

    Who ever thinks that this won't put your unlimited data at risk is fooling them selves.
    2011-11-29 04:48 PM
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    I tether my iPad, my wife's iPhone (with no data plan) , netbook and notebook to my iphone4 all the time using the built in personal hotspot. What is the purpose of this app? Just wondering why someone would use this over personal hotspot. What am I missing here? Thanks in advance.
    2011-11-29 05:26 PM
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    Either Apple finally spotted this app or there are a lot of people downloading it right now. I did a search and found the app but when I try and click on it I get the message; "Your request could not be completed". It only happens with this app and not any other apps I tried.

    Patience is a virtue. Time to be virtuous.
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    2011-11-29 05:44 PM
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    Please note that there are many of us that are on business plans with unlimited data that make no mention of tethering being against the rules in our TOS. So, do not always assume that because it is against your TOS that it is against everyone's.I truly think that unlimited should mean unlimited and be required to officially allow tethering though.

    And it has been pulled from the U.S. store.....pathetic if you ask me. There is still HandyLight pro available though, for those that want tethering without a jailbreak.
    2011-11-29 05:52 PM
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    Not working for me.Using XP Pro. Laptop waiting for connection, iPhone registes ok but does not connect.Rebooted laptop and phone and it does not work.
    2011-11-29 06:05 PM
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    Anddddddd it's gone!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Craple
    2011-11-29 06:08 PM
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    It's gone now, itunes says it not avaliable in the US now. Glad I got it!
    2011-11-29 06:26 PM
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