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    How would you like the freedom to attach any file that you wanted to to an email in iOS?

    Today we have a jailbreak tweak dubbed AnyAttach by famed developers Nikias Bassen and Hanéne Samara; the developers who brought us the recent update to Safari Upload Enabler for iOS 5. AnyAttach, also has been updated to iOS 5 and it lets you attach arbitrary files to any email that you compose in iOS.

    AnyAttach, when installed, has some settings to configure which can be found within the Setting application You can enable and disable the tweak. Additionally, you have the ability to show hidden files, app names, and enable the eintire filesystem. There is also support for Dropbox just like Safari Upload Enabler. The Settings of AnyAttach can be seen below:

    When you go to the Mail application to compose an email you will notice a new paperclip button in the interface:

    The paperclip allows you to find a file anywhere in your filesystem and will let you attach it to the email and send it like you could usually with any computer. It simply clips it to the email, no questions asked. You can then add your message and send it. When you tap the paperclip, you will get a file selector as shown in the image below:

    That's basically it. Great tweak, it definitely adds functionality to iOS that should have been there from the start. You can SMS media from the Messages application, but you've never been able to do that directly from the Mail application. Thanks for your hard work on AnyAttach, Nikias Bassen and Hanéne Samara!

    Name: AnyAttach
    Price: $1.99
    Repo: BigBoss
    Developers: Nikias Bassen, Hanéne Samara
    Version: 1.0-6
    Editor's Rating:  5/5

    I talked to Nikias via email about AnyAttach to learn about the motives behind it:

    Anthony: Why did you create AnyAttach?
    Nikias: Actually customers of Safari Upload Enabler asked about it. So we made it.

    Anthony: How do you feel about Apple not letting us attach files in our Mail application?
    Nikias: This is really a missing capability. While attaching basically any file is not really required, at least being able to select the files created by apps from the app store or attaching photos or videos directly from the Mail application, instead of going through the photo gallery or using copy and paste is something that iPhone/iPod/iPad users would probably expect.

    Anthony: Are there any settings to configure? If so, what are your favorites?
    Nikias: Yes, there's a preference bundle included so you can change the settings using the Settings application. Settings include access to the entire filesystem, show/hide hidden files, and in the user's Applications folder show the app names instead of the long GUID names for apps from the App Store. Users not using Dropbox can also disable the Drobpox support there. I personally set to show the app names and access to the entire filesystem.

    Anthony: Why should Modmyi readers buy AnyAttach?
    Nikias: If you miss the ability to easily attach files (also from your Dropbox!) and/or photos and videos then go for it.

    The Giveaway!

    Nikias was gracious enough to give away TEN copies or AnyAttach. Here's how to enter:

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    Retweet this article with your Cydia number in the tweet; if you do not have the Cydia number in your tweet, you will be disqualified from the drawing. Within the tweet you must also mention @BouchardAnthony so that I can easily see who has entered the drawing. If you don't mention me, you will also be disqualified. The tweet must include the following text, "I entered a contest to win AnyAttach for iPhone!"

    Winners will be announced on Sunday, December 4. Good luck to all of you that enter!

    What do you think about AnyAttach? Share in the comments below!

    Sources: Nikias Bassen
    2011-12-03 05:40 AM
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    $2? Sold! Thanks Nikias! You do awesome work.
    2011-12-03 09:20 AM
  3. thekirbylover's Avatar
    iFile can already do this (albeit from inside the app and not Mail).
    2011-12-03 10:48 PM
  4. jOnGarrett's Avatar
    No Jailbreak required. Just one of many, the Samsung Galaxy S II offers this feature right out tha' box

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    2011-12-04 03:59 AM
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    No Jailbreak required. Just one of many, the Samsung Galaxy S II offers this feature right out tha' box

    I think in the time it takes someone to learn how to use and finally implement all of these features into their device my iPhone could be jailbroken and running the tweak that I need to do it. It really doesn't take more than about 40 seconds and you're jailbroken; please don't make that seem like it's a hassle because it's not.

    The beauty of missing these features from the start is that iOS comes with stock security. This means someone who has never owned an iOS device can do pretty much anything and feel safe. As they become more accustomed to using it and seeing how it works they might later feel more comfortable jailbreaking it and having the option to unlock more features and feel more comfortable with the responsibility (irresponsible people fall within the category of Android users trapped in the 472% malware increase since June because they weren't careful in using the extra features they were given). I have no doubts that the features of a jailbroken iPhone outshine what the Android operating system is capable of. There are too many iOS developers at work here for that not to be true.

    I was at Disney World yesterday and I met someone with an Android phone and he said, "what smartphone do you have; oh.. just an iPhone...?" So I asked him to do something that I couldn't do. You know what he did? He opened Tango (a third party video chat application) to chat with someone. Me, being jailbroken, opened Apple's (native) FaceTime over 3G and called as well. Next up, he started downloading a video from his web browser. What did I do? I had Safari Download Plugin installed so I did the same. His eyes were as big as dinner plates.
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    2011-12-04 04:53 PM