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    Electronic Arts recently released another copy of Tetris for the iPhone (iTunes link) and the verdict comes in as: it’s a pretty good game. The newer version of Tetris showed up on the App Store and replaced EA’s older version of the game. What EA did here was add some innovative features this time around, probably in hopes of good sales for this upcoming holiday season.

    Just as a quick heads-up, if you had the older version of the game (which as mentioned previously – was pulled from the App Store) then it is important to note that this version does NOT come as a free upgrade. If you had the older version, you will have to re-purchase the newer edition, which would be a shady move if the game didn’t cost a mere 99 cents.

    So, what’s new? The biggest feature in the new version is a mode called one-touch marathon. As each piece drops, you get the option of several places to put it on the screen, and when you touch the place you want, the piece goes there right away. This allows you to avoid twisting pieces and waiting for them to fall in by giving you the choice to just touch where needed and have the piece quickly placed. This isn’t all that is new though, there is a new “Galaxy” mode which brings power ups to Tetris. There were also many social features and a leaderboard integration with something called the “T-Club” and the “Tetris Rank,” both of which you can obtain for an in-app subscription of $2.99 a month. (A pretty ludicrous price for playing Tetris)

    Summed up, what EA did here was take a simple game and add some twists to spice things up. What is a bit silly here is that EA didn’t add Game Center integration, but it seems like this was a strategic move from EA, who seems to be building up its own social networks rather than utilizing Apple's. Either way, the new game is still fun and with availability at a price point of 99 cents, is not a bad purchase. Will any of you be getting the updated version?

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    I thought that Tetris icon in the app store looked a little different from the one I have! smh that sucks that it's not available as a upgrade to us that already purchased it... what a gip. Way to go EA. -_-
    2011-12-03 02:07 PM
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    Playing it now. Love the music and you can buy different versions with game points.

    Shame no GC but I don't think EA have ever made a GC game?!
    2011-12-03 02:14 PM
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    My favorite one is still tris and that was pulled I bought it before it got pulled and now I'm going to try to update it on my computer and make it higher def.
    2011-12-03 03:50 PM
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    love the one touch system!!! it works really well!!! took a little bit getting used to...
    2011-12-03 05:32 PM
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    Interesting story. I have a long history or smartphones, everything from IOS to Palm stretching back many years. I could have sworn I had already purchased Tetris on one of my previous iPhones. I know I had purchased it at least twice on Android. So when I saw this new version pop up I quickly searched the market for Tetris and saw that I didn't have the only version available, so I quickly purchased it only to get home and see I already had the previous version.....Very Sneaky EA! Although I do feel a little violated by the switcharoo and never would have purchased another version of the same game, I do have to admit that the new version is very good and well worth the $.99. The new touch system is simply brilliant.
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    2011-12-03 06:00 PM
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    2011-12-04 01:25 AM
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    Keeping my old more original one
    2011-12-04 06:11 AM