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    Flight Control is a popular strategic game for iOS.

    Today only, you can grab Flight Control, a strategic iOS game, for free as a part of Daily Deals. Yesterday, we featured Mirror's Edge as it was the free game yesterday.

    Flight control is a game by Firemint that requires you to direct air traffic strategically so that none of the aircraft crash. The longer you play, the more aircraft fill the air. Additionally, some aircraft are faster and some are slower than others. The game quickly becomes challenging as you attempt to keep all of the dynamically racing aircraft away from each other and land them safely on their landing pads. There are several different maps to play on, each having their own specific kinds of aircraft and it includes multiplayer mode so that you can work as a team with your friends over Game Center connection. The Game Center connection can work over your own Wi-Fi connection, over Bluetooth, or over long distances. Here is a video of the game play by Firemint:

    You can download Flight Control for free here. It's a fun game, I love it myself.

    Name: Flight Control
    Price: (usually 99) FREE
    Version: 1.9.3
    Seller: Firemint
    Editor's Rating:  5/5

    Additionally, here is the iPad version which is free today as well.

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    Thanks a lot. Got my copy.
    2011-12-10 06:28 PM
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    This is a nice, polished game. It's easy to play for a few minutes and has that "ok let me do it again" feeling whenever you crash that draws you in. The iPad version is normally $5 so that's an extra good deal.

    Along with Harbor Master, it's one of my two favorite traffic control games. I also have Airport Madness Challenge which I find less fun because there's "lag" between your actions and the collisions, and a Train Conductor game which is fairly simple but pretty fun.
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    2011-12-10 06:53 PM
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    Thanks for letting us know! I'll try it right now!
    2011-12-10 07:11 PM
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    Why is my text box grey? As if i can't type in it?

    Anyway, got the game. It's pretty fun. Thanks for the heads up

    Edit: love the smooth music!
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    Love this game! Get it while ya can for free!
    2011-12-10 08:54 PM
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    Thx keep letting us know what the free ones of the day are, I appreciate it!!!
    2011-12-10 10:04 PM
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    Thank you got it FREE

    2011-12-11 10:10 AM