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    The demand for iPads and iPhones by far outweighs what we thought.

    Morgan Stanley Research conducted what they thought were reasonable demand numbers for Apple's blazing hot devices. It's no doubt that people are rushing into stores to buy iPhone 4's and iPhone 4S's and not just that but iPad 2's too. The iPhone 4S is just skyrocketing in sales and demand is really putting Apple's supply in between a rock and a hard place. That's really good!

    The iPad 2 is selling amazingly well, and the numbers seem to show why Apple's handsets are selling as fast as they can be stocked onto the shelves. First, we can analyze that the iPhone and the iPad are selling great. The iPod touch is selling, but it's not at the heart of consumer's demand anymore. It probably has something to do with the fact that the iPod touch is a dumbed down iPhone. It has cheap build materials and poor tech specs compared to the iPhone 4S and the iPad 2 just clobbers the tablet market alone.

    While Morgan Stanley Research put down on paper what they believed to be the demand for iPhone and iPad, surveys show that demand is more than forty percent higher than what they originally figured. This means that Apple has it good. The demand for iOS devices is so great, that Apple is having trouble keeping up with the demand. Apple is just scraping by with production and demand is almost at the ceiling. Of course – it probably doesn't help that we're in the holiday season.

    Demand isn't the only thing that has increased for the iPhone. Customer satisfaction ratings also increased. The iPhone 4 had a 72% positive customer satisfaction rating in surveys, while the iPhone 4S has a 77% customer satisfaction rating. With numbers only getting greener and greener for Apple, it's no doubt that word is spreading fast about how amazing Apple's devices are. This kind if word-around probably helps build anticipation for people who are demanding the iPhone over other Android phones.

    From the demand standpoint, Morgan Stanley Research estimated that there was a demand for 134 million iPhone units for 2012; research through surveys actually shows that the number for demand is more realistically 190 million. For the iPad, Morgan Stanley Research estimated that there was a demand for 52 million iPad units for 2012; research through surveys actually shows that the number for iPad demand is actually closer to 81 million units. So call it what you will folks, I'd say that Apple has a really green future ahead of them.

    Why do you think the iPhone and iPad have such great demand in today's tech market? Share in the comments.

    Sources: Apple Insider
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    As a user of both platforms I can say the reason of iOS superiority among the masses is down to battery life and fantastic apps. The only android app I consider to be better than an iOS app is google maps(navigation), oh and the YouTube app. I would say the 4s has about 40 percent more battery life than the sgs2 and is so much more reliable. The best thing I ever did was switching back to iOS for the daily driver with the 4s. Still have a ASUS transformer though and it's still nice to be somewhat in two ecosystems
    2011-12-15 07:56 AM
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    Best android phone is the samsung gs2 & Best windows phone is the htc Titan but iPhone & iPad still the best... Not for long .(in my opinion)
    2011-12-15 10:03 AM
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    Yeah, battery life really swings it - a testament to just how well-knitted iOS is.
    My Android phones and tablets don't get anywhere near my iDevices.

    But devices are like children - you love them all, but for different reasons and with different intensities.
    iDevices are undoubtedly classier from all perspectives.

    Whereas I admire my iDevices, I love my A-Devices.
    They're cheeky little scamps that seem more fallibly 'human' than robotically infallible.

    If I had to ditch one platform though, it would be iOS.
    I just love my Androids too much.
    2011-12-15 03:19 PM
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    Apple can't help it if the iPhone and iPad are [email protected] @SS.........
    2011-12-15 05:50 PM
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    What i would give to me Steve Jobs' Son.
    2011-12-16 01:05 AM