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    Now you can get a notification prompt before you open apps.

    Are you a hair-trigger iPhone user who is sometimes so excited about using your iPhone that you randomly just fiddle with it and sometimes launch applications by mistake? We understand your pain. And sometimes, you just hate so much when you launch an application by mistake and then have to waste your time to close it and relaunch another one. One application that you might find this annoying for is Cydia, as it needs to load and reload every single time that you open it. But, no longer do you need to worry about inadvertently opening arbitrary applications on your SpringBoard.

    Thanks to a developer known as greensnow, there is a free application in Cydia known as confirm launch IOS 5 that will let you be prompted at the tap of an application icon that confirms if you want the application to launch or not. You can see in the image above that a blue, iOS-like notification prompt is launched when you tap on an application on your SpringBoard. After doing so, you have the ability to execute the application by tapping, "Launch" or you can cancel the execution by tapping, "Cancel."

    Things like this generally might feel useless, however one man's trash is another man's treasure. To be honest, the jailbreak tweak does what it says; thanks to that, it gets a good rating from me. The point of the application is to let you choose whether you intended to open an application or whether you tapped on it by mistake. There are similar applications in Cydia like ones that make you double-tap on the application to launch it instead of the standard single-tap to open technique. However, if you want to go all out on the way that you secure yourself from app-launching mistakes, you can try out this tweak for free today.

    Name: confirm launch IOS 5
    Price: FREE
    Repo: ModMyi
    Developer: greensnow
    Version: 1.0
    Editor's Rating:  4/5

    Will you be downloading and trying this jailbreak tweak for your hair-trigger iPhone usage? Share in the comments.

    Sources: Cydia, greensnow
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    2011-12-17 04:32 PM
  2. zma's Avatar
    I will give it a try why not
    2011-12-17 04:57 PM
  3. Zokunei's Avatar
    It doesn't even give you the app name?
    2011-12-17 05:03 PM
  4. spooneditr's Avatar
    It doesn't even give you the app name?
    I read this article twice and see the name in it.

    Your mom has "spirit" but I used my "pwnage tool" on her all night long and "ultrasn0wed" all over her. haha
    2011-12-17 05:12 PM
  5. lkailburn's Avatar
    Seems like it would be the most annoying tweak ever but hey like you said, someone out there probably wants this.

    2011-12-17 05:20 PM
  6. baskie's Avatar
    Arrrrgggghhhhhhhh! Trying to make iOS behave like Windows? Arrrrrgggghhhhhhhh!

    Next there will a 2nd popup: "are you sure you want to launch this app?"

    If you launch an app by mistake, hit the home button, there is no point is these useless apps, why clog up Cydia with them?
    2011-12-17 06:06 PM
  7. Zokunei's Avatar
    I read this article twice and see the name in it.
    I meant I thought the tweak would be more useful if it gave you the name of the app you are launching.
    2011-12-17 06:09 PM
  8. J Sweeney's Avatar
    You've already reviewed this.
    2011-12-17 07:53 PM
  9. Pwnp27's Avatar
    Pointless IMO. Press the home buton
    2011-12-18 12:15 AM
  10. MetallicaFan1991's Avatar
    lol what's the point?
    You can just push the home button which is one gesture instead of pushing Dismiss
    2011-12-18 12:21 AM
  11. Anthony Bouchard's Avatar
    You've already reviewed this.
    No I haven't. It just came out today (version 1.0).
    2011-12-18 12:47 AM
  12. Xenthis's Avatar
    You've already reviewed this.
    I thought so - seemed quite familiar..

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    2011-12-18 06:36 PM
  13. s0ulp1xel's Avatar
    pretty useful!
    2011-12-18 11:50 PM
  14. Anthony Bouchard's Avatar
    I thought so - seemed quite familiar..
    Again, no I haven't. It just came out to Cydia the day I reviewed it. So I couldn't have.
    2011-12-19 12:15 AM