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    A new Facebook update can be downloaded in the App Store today.

    Are you not too much of a fan about the new Facebook 4.0? Maybe Facebook 4.1 will rattle your shoes a little bit. It comes with new stability improvements and helps make viewing photos and albums easier. There have been times for many people where the photo section of Facebook would simply freeze, not load, or show connection errors upon trying to look at the pictures on someone's profile. If you've been plagued by these stupid little issues, then Facebook version 4.1 should help fix those problems and help you have a wonderful Facebook experience not only on your computer but also on your iPhone or iPod touch too. This update works on the iPad, but unfortunately iPad owners won't be able to have fun with the newest and most exciting highlight of this new Facebook 4.1 update.

    The next thing to touch on is that the application loads faster. If you have noticed, Facebook 4.0 is a bit slower at loading than the previous Facebook application. This application (4.0) was intended to bring a fun-to-use interface to the mobile devices out there and help improve fluidity of of the all-around application. It had a large GUI (graphical user interface) overhaul and because of that, seemed a little sluggish on older devices with less RAM to compensate for the added memory that the new GUI uses. With this new Facebook 4.1 update, you should find that things load a little zippier and that less RAM is used in loading operations within the Facebook application. It also gives you access to your subscriptions in the mobile application.

    Now for the fun part. In addition to the speed improvements and adjusted photo loading experience, Facebook 4.1 adds support for the new, upcoming Facebook timeline. Right now, the Facebook timeline isn't fully available outright. You can get it early by visiting this link and clicking the green button at the bottom right of the page. After you do that, go look at your own Facebook profile and see the huge difference. It might remind you slightly of the rather new social networking application in the App Store dubbed Path. Once you see your new Facebook timeline, you can add a background picture. Now that you've setup your Facebook timeline, you should be able to launch Facebook 4.1 on your iPhone or iPod touch and your Facebook profile should look like mine below:

    I will be the first to admit that the timeline feature seems to load slower. Additionally, trying to add the background photo from the iPhone didn't work for me. I needed to make the background setting from my computer instead. But, if you're one of the people that has to have the new now, then definitely give this Facebook timeline a try. Eventually, every Facebook user will be forced into the Facebook timeline. So, why not get used to it ahead of time and look cool because you have it early. This timeline feature doesn't support the iPad yet; so again, the iPad users will have to be patient for Facebook to develop for them. Sigh.

    Will you be using the new Facebook timeline feature early? Share in the comments.

    Sources: MacStories
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    2011-12-18 08:11 PM
  2. mattdonut's Avatar
    seems faster for me on my iPhone 4
    2011-12-18 08:25 PM
  3. Colby21's Avatar
    I just deleted my facebook. On a side note, that's a nice jeep!
    2011-12-18 08:32 PM
  4. R.Mortera's Avatar
    seems faster for me on my iPhone 4
    Same for my iPhone 4S. No lags as of now. We'll see later on.
    2011-12-18 09:25 PM
  5. 2k1's Avatar
    Just updated it we will see how it goes.
    2011-12-18 09:36 PM
  6. DaLsim's Avatar
    Testing it out now, seem to have more opt... CooL.
    2011-12-18 10:19 PM
  7. StayyyFlyyy's Avatar
    Way more stable. Thanks fb for cheaping out on us all that time
    2011-12-18 10:42 PM
  8. Donnutt's Avatar
    The old Facebook app was borderline unusable for me. Crashed all the time. This one seems better. Nice jeep Anthony!
    2011-12-18 11:01 PM
  9. NakedFaerie's Avatar
    I see no difference. Whats this new timeline I hear about?
    Even on the PC its suppose to have new features but I dont see any.
    2011-12-19 01:10 AM
  10. EMH's Avatar
    I see no difference. Whats this new timeline I hear about?
    Even on the PC its suppose to have new features but I dont see any.
    Go here.
    2011-12-19 02:11 AM
  11. NakedFaerie's Avatar
    Oh, thanks for that. I never seen this before.
    Not sure if its good or bad as just about every change to FB is bad but you get use to it eventually or you are like me and just use Twitter more.
    2011-12-19 04:02 AM
  12. celeron's Avatar
    Nice. Got it to work, thanks
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    2011-12-19 04:17 AM
  13. Crazyj29's Avatar
    I personally am tired of Facebook and all the bugs and glitches. I deleted it but my wife and friends can still see my page. I used to use Facebook to keep in touch with friends and family but now I have all their numbers and just text them without having to worry about all the privacy issues.
    2011-12-19 03:54 PM
  14. thetoothfairy's Avatar
    I think I will like it once the bugs are out of it between the phone and facebook. I haven't changed yet because I don't have access to a computer right now. However I think it looks nice.
    2011-12-19 09:27 PM