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    Gameloft and EA are teaming up for some super game deals for the holidays.

    Gameloft and EA are huge names for iOS gaming. They create fun and intuitive games for the iOS platform (in fact, some other platforms as well). They also aren't slouches when it comes to making high quality graphics in their games. Gameloft is responsible for bringing us the Modern Combat series - Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation was just recently released and it's the third game in a series so far with a 4.5 star App Store rating. EA makes games such as Battlefield: Bad Company and has been rumored to be releasing Battlefield 3 to the iOS platform in the future.

    The games that you can expect to find on sale for the holidays will cost 99¢ in the App Store. They include the iPhone and iPod touch versions as well as the iPad versions of the games. Below is a list of the applications on sale (compliments of 9to5Mac) and I have linked them all to the App Store for any of you who are interested in downloading any of the listed applications that will be on sale for the holidays.

    EA iPhone games:

    EA iPad Games:

    Gameloft iPhone Games

    Gameloft iPad Games:

    Since all games listed are only 99¢ for a limited time, grab them while they're hot. Future updates will continue to be free even though you grab it for 99¢ and the price goes back up later on. Some of these are some real classics and are highly enjoyable for the iOS gamer. Games like these are the reason that iTunes gift cards make great stock stuffers. Will you be taking advantage of this holiday sale by Gameloft and EA? Share in the comments below!

    Sources: 9to5Mac
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    Nice I just got paid today! I love these sales every time the y come out.
    Anybody know how long it will last?
    2011-12-21 08:29 PM
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    I've already picked up most of the above games that interest me. Lots of great deals going on right now!!
    2011-12-22 04:09 AM
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    Wow thanks for the heads up, I'm going to buy ALL of them. Merry Christmas to me I got an iPad last week and have been cringing at the cost of most EA iPad games.

    Companies slash their prices so that their apps appear in the Top 25 list for Christmas,the day when people with new devices take their first plunge into the app store. I'd buy the ones you want as quickly as you can, but I bet the sale lasts till at least Christmas Eve
    2011-12-22 06:44 AM