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    This new jailbreak tweak gives you some information on applications that you want to launch.

    Remember the free jailbreak tweak that was released not too long ago by greensnow known as confirm launch IOS 5? What it did was it allowed you to get a popup that confirmed if you wanted to launch an application or not. The only problem was, it was kind of bland. If you want a different jailbreak tweak that is also free, but does more, then check out an even newer jailbreak tweak dubbed InfoTap by the developer PathKiller29. The best part about InfoTap is that it even has some settings to configure whereas greensnow's tweak did not.

    The major difference between the two is that InfoTap gives you information as well as the option to launch or cancel when opening an application. You can also enable or disable the feature quickly by using an Activator action whereas confirm launch IOS 5 automatically worked after installing it and the only way to disable it was to uninstall it. InfoTap puts a new cell in your Settings application that allows you to pick an activator action. The developer recommends using some kind of a status bar action because its easy to use and hard to input by mistake. The settings look like the image below:

    Once you pick your Activator action, you can invoke it and InfoTap will display a popup alerting you that the tweak has been enabled:

    Now that you have InfoTap enabled, you can tap on any application to bring up a prompt that looks like the first image of this review that will show you the application icon, its name, its bundle ID, and any new notifications that it has. It also gives you the option to launch the application, or to select cancel so that the application launch is terminated. You can disable InfoTap by using the Activator action, that you used to enable it, again.

    InfoTap does what it's supposed to do, but I don't like the fact that the popup prompt that says, "enabled" appears to bump down a couple of pixels after it appears. Nonetheless, the tweak works. It has a few bugs when using the icon pinch Activator action - it puts the device into jiggle mode and then makes the application you were touching large and then makes the other one you might have been touching transparent. The issue is fixed when you press the home button or when you swipe through SpringBoard pages. It seems to be a very minor problem and most people probably won't mind it since it disappears after you switch pages. What I like is that it shows the bundle ID which in some cases can be difficult to figure out on your own if you're not very jailbreak savvy.

    Name: InfoTap
    Price: FREE
    Repo: Modmyi
    Version: 1.0
    Developer: PathKiller29
    Editor's Rating:  4/5

    I talked to Pathkiller29 via email to learn more about his motives behind the tweak:

    Anthony: What was it that gave you the idea to make InfoTap?
    Pathkiller29: That tweak confirm launch IOS 5. Someone mentioned it didn't even tell you the app name so I got bored and did that then I decided to make it actually useful and display some information people may need.

    Anthony: What was the hardest part about making InfoTap?
    Pathkiller29: it was relatively really easy. Honestly the only difficulty is not having a jailbroken device.

    Anthony: What would you recommend as a useful use for InfoTap?
    Pathkiller29: I recommend it be used for when you need to know things ilke the application bundle ID which can be used for themes, or if you need the application name (if it my be too long for the icon) etc.

    Anthony: What is your favorite Activator setting for InfoTap?
    Pathkiller29: Because I don't actually have a jailbroken device I had short testing, using a 2nd generation iPod touch on iOS 4.0. I just used double click home for ease of use, but i like holding the status bar as an easy one that you won't accidentally trigger.

    Will you be trying InfoTap? Share in the comments.

    Sources: PathKiller29
    2011-12-21 10:47 PM
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    Haha I was the one who gave him the idea
    2011-12-21 10:58 PM
  3. skram's Avatar
    Haha I was the one who gave him the idea
    *Hands Zokunei a Cookie*
    2011-12-21 11:06 PM
  4. indyracer05's Avatar
    For the past year, alot of tweaks have just been simple and useless, yeah theyre kinda cool but theres no real use to them.... Not trying to offend any of the developers but seriously? Anyone agree or is it just me?
    2011-12-22 08:40 PM
  5. hotman's Avatar
    Useful tweak. Will be great if could be added with app folderlocation and original app name (as SBSettings). Anyway, all apps only show info "new:0" , is it only mine?
    2011-12-23 01:24 AM
  6. Zokunei's Avatar
    Useful tweak. Will be great if could be added with app folderlocation and original app name (as SBSettings). Anyway, all apps only show info "new:0" , is it only mine?
    The "new:" category is for the badges.
    2011-12-23 01:43 AM