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    IsMyFlash gives you some new screenshot options.

    Are you looking for a way to make taking screenshots on your iDevice more fun and less bland? We've found a jailbreak tweak that might help you do just that. It's new in Cydia and it has been dubbed IsMyFlash by its developer AuzKenneth. Normally, when you take a screenshot, all that happens is you hear the shutter noise and then see your screen turn white for a split second to simulate a camera flash. As it turns out, you can do so much more than that with your screenshots if you want to. You can also enable and disable this tweak with the flick of a switch. You won't have to uninstall it to break the features.

    With this tweak, you will get a new settings cell in your Settings application, shown above, that lets you change around some settings that take effect when you snap a screenshot on your iDevice. Let's say for example, I want to change the color of the screen flash. Since it normally defaults at a boring white flash, you can use this tweak to change that color from white to any of the following: white, black, gray, red, yellow, green, blue, orange, purple, brown magenta, cyan, clear, or custom. So, if any of the above colors don't phase you, you can use the custom option which includes RGB (red green blue) and Alpha sliders. The RGB sliders indicate color, and the alpha slider indicates how transparent or solid the color will be. You can set these sliders to anything that you want to use and it will appear when you take a screenshot.

    Not only can you change the color, but you can have a display message appear when you take a screenshot. You can do something that will assure you a screenshot was taken like, "Screenshot taken successfully" or you can prank a friend by making it show up as, "Screenshot saved, building virus and emailing your friends." Whatever case you might find that message feature useful for, I'm sure that you'll find some way to make it fun to use. You can set the message and the title and your can enable and disable the message feature on demand with the flick of a switch.

    I think that this is a very cool tweak. Unfortunately, I had a hard time getting the display message function to work. With that, I can't really give it the backpedaled, "It does what it says so it gets a good rating from me" speech. It only seemed to do half of what it said it could do, so it gets half of the rating. Other than that, I think there is a great potential with this tweak and I'm excited to see it evolve in the Cydia store with updates. But, for now, it's free and you can't beat free. It requires iOS 4 and higher and doesn't add any icons to your home screen.

    Name: IsMyFlash
    Price: FREE
    Version: 0.0.1-62
    Repo: BigBoss
    Developer: AuzKenneth
    Editor's Rating:  2/5

    Will you be trying out IsMyFlash? Share your thoughts about it in the comments.

    Sources: AuzKenneth
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    Just want to say this is quite helpful for developers. You can take screenshots of your themes (or whatnot) and have a built in "watermark"! I'm going to try it out myself.
    2011-12-22 05:27 PM
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    Just want to say this is quite helpful for developers. You can take screenshots of your themes (or whatnot) and have a built in "watermark"! I'm going to try it out myself.
    I don't see a watermark built in option in the article picture?
    2011-12-22 09:39 PM
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    I beleive its the message option
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    2011-12-22 09:46 PM
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    Springtomize 2 does the color thing
    2011-12-23 03:04 AM