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    Rockstar released GTA III earlier this week for a measly $5. A small price to pay for reliving one of the most influential games of the last decade. Well, that measly price just got measlier...

    Rockstar is running a holiday promotion through December 29th that cuts the price of GTA III by 40% to $2.99. But, that isn’t the only deal going on, a ton of developers are running sales through the holiday inlcuding the previously reported EA-catalogue $.99 sale.

    Notable Deals:

    And the list goes on and on. Check to see if your favorite developers their apps on sale before the App Store freeze today and report your findings in the comments and we'll update the list accordingly. Looks like those iTunes gift cards stuffed in everyone’s stockings could go a long way this holiday season.

    Source: TUAW
    2011-12-23 06:02 AM
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    Cool, I'll grab some games of these games
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    2011-12-23 06:05 AM
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    Damn doom is on sale hope i get an itunes card for christmas
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    2011-12-23 06:16 AM