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    General Electric may "bring good things to life," but it's Apple that brings good things back to life.

    Specifically, the arrival of Apple's Newsstand storefront in iOS 5 has done wonders to revitalize the publishing industry, which has withered away in recent years to a dismal shell of its former self. With magazine and newspaper sales down almost across the board, Apple's Newsstand is inspiring readers to enjoy their favorite periodicals in an entirely new way.

    According to a report Friday in All Things Digital, magazines like Popular Science, for instance, saw an immediate sales and subscription spike in the immediate days following October's arrival of iOS 5 and the Newsstand feature. "The really promising indicator for Pop Sci isn’t the one-week sales leap of 13 percent," the article reads, "it’s that the the magazine’s growth picked up after that week, with more velocity."

    Remarkably, some magazines - particularly smaller publications - have experienced a 150 percent increase (or better) in sales since October. And the momentum has persisted now for weeks.

    All told, it's a win-win for publishers and Apple alike. After all, users are encouraged to sign up for recurring subscriptions directly from their iDevice with subsequent charges to be billed to their iTunes account. Apple subsequently takes a 30 percent cut of these subscriptions that come by way of Apple's digital platform.

    Source: All Things Digital
    2011-12-23 07:42 PM