1. redzombi2k's Avatar
    1. It's the only tweak of it's kind
    2. It adds much needed functionality
    3. I need to keep naughty pictures away from the non naughty variety
    4. I'm broke so I need to win to have this
    5. Because I never seem to win contests
    2011-12-25 05:18 AM
  2. Logan80's Avatar
    I'd really like to win a copy of this because it's exactly what's missing in the native app. The added functions will finally allow me not to have to sort through tons of pictures, since I don't sync to my laptop much. Plus I always have relatives, friends, etc always thumbing through my phone, so to be able to lock them out of certain pics is a relief. I love the fact that the developer is generous enough to give 20 copies away in the spirit of Christmas. Really hope I win a copy.

    iPhone 4
    My Cydia# 69719

    Merry Christmas everyone!!
    2011-12-25 06:14 AM
  3. Sheldon Ryan Curtiss's Avatar
    Well I just wanted to say that this tweak is flat out brilliant, I was always impressed by it. I'm significantly dissapointed that this wasn't in ios from the start. I always wanted this tweak. So Santa if I could win this one amazing tweak I'd be so happy, I tryied being good all year (for the most part) Anyhow regardless if I win or not I just wanted to say, keep up the awesome work guys! And have a merry Christmas!

    Cydia account #3035173
    2011-12-25 06:25 AM
  4. Cyian's Avatar
    Thank you so much Christian for such wonderful giveaway. Thank you to modmyi as well for letting me have this chance to win such an awesome tweak!

    I totally deserve to win this tweak because this is the one thing I have always wanted since I bought an iPhone. The purpose of me jailbreaking was to have this tweak in my iPhone. But sadly I was driven away due to the price tag of this tweak and I'm stucked with the native photo app in iPhone which is so terrible compared to PhotoAlbums+. Besides that, I'm always on the go hence it will be easier for me to organize my photos into the appropriate album without the hassle of plugging in to iTunes. I also like to take photos to be shared with my family and friends. With PhotoAlbums+, I will now be able to sort the photos according to the event and easily viewed by my viewers. I can then easily delete off unwanted pictures so that there will be spaces available for me to take more photos when I'm away from my computer. Finally I deserve such as awesome tweak because PhotoAlbums+ is a must have for every jailbroken iPhone and I think I should have it in mine as well

    iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1
    Cydia number: 2717240
    2011-12-25 06:49 AM
  5. senorian's Avatar
    1. I love taking pics with my iPhone of my kids and Apple's standard photo app blows.
    2. I want to separate my pics from my videos
    3. This cydia tweak seems like a great tweak and would be a nice addition to my phone
    4. this cydia tweak looks like it'll be very simplistic to use and ease of use it big to me.
    5. I ran out of ideas as to why i'd like this awesome tweak.

    my cydia account # is 3021251

    Thank you if I win!!!!!
    2011-12-25 07:44 AM
  6. SkyDiverX's Avatar
    I need this great app because....

    1.) I need this to organize my Asian and Mexican picture collection.

    2.) I wouldn't want the wife to find said Asian/Mexican picture collection.

    3.) Apple's to lazy to give me an Asian / Mexican folder option.

    4.) iPhoto's faces feature thinks Asians and Mexicans are the same.

    5.) I'm pretty sure I have one of the lowest Cydia numbers, 5456.

    Merry Xmas Everyone!

    2011-12-25 10:33 AM
  7. ord6's Avatar
    Because celebrating Hanukkah doesn't get you any presents
    Apple's handling of photos SUCKS.
    I have a lot of pictures that requires hiding.
    I use the camera a lot and i can't find any pictures in Camera Roll anymore.
    I will be very happy.
    iPhone 4, Cydia account #3023125
    2011-12-25 10:38 AM
  8. Lhmok's Avatar
    Yes, give that!!!! I had too many photo to manage.. Please!!!! Thx. Cydia number: 2951144
    2011-12-25 12:06 PM
  9. zrevai's Avatar
    Too bad it's different versions between each type of device I'd love to use it on my iPhone 4 but would be even happier to also use it on my iPad to organize the photos I import using the CCK and my DSLR. I'd also find a use for it on my iPod Touch 4 since it's got a camera why not make using it even better
    Cydia Account #46009
    2011-12-25 01:18 PM
  10. ricoe's Avatar
    1. im a part timer as a photographer
    2. im learn advertising design and use a photo as my daily learning
    3. i like to organize my photo
    4. i use iphone but ipad is my organizer, seems to be a note and entertainment center for me, and i like to collectiong photo, and really need photoalbum+ on my ipad for my day
    5. this is the only tweak that i cant purchase because of the price, im a usual student that use own money to pay everything alone, so i need to win this to get photoalbums+ for free
    6. u are a great developer, the only tweak i really need, make albums!

    im an ipad 2 user 4.3.3
    cydia number #3062919
    2011-12-25 05:21 PM
  11. Danpiiru's Avatar
    * First and foremost, Happy Holiday to every one and the best of the seasons greetings to Christian Heusinger. Thank you very much for giving us a chance to have this invaluable gift to us jailbreak community. ツ
    * I'm very excited with the opportunity to win a copy of PhotoAlbum+ as I can't afford to purchase it Cydia Store.
    * I would be most grateful to have a copy of the tweak to make my life lot easier in managing my precious memories.
    * With all the features in managing/organizing my personal photos, make this tweak a must-have.
    * It make a user experience more convenient.
    * It's better than iTunes in managing photos and videos.

    iPhone - Cydia Account #739348
    2011-12-25 05:35 PM
  12. John1177's Avatar
    Not to proud to say it, I am a senior citizen on a fixed income and even tho I think this is one of the most useful tweaks that I would use it is out of my reach financially..HOWEVER, were you to consider me worthy of a freeby, now that would be a great stocking stuffer...
    But even if you don't find it worthy, Happy Holidays to you anyhow...
    2011-12-25 06:15 PM
  13. saajan4's Avatar
    I deserve a copy of photo album+ because...
    *iam indian
    *for me 13$ is 676 rs!!!
    *cant afford that much!!
    *the tweak is amazing
    *i think without cydia iphone is waste!!!
    *i love my iphone
    cydia account number : #2986717
    2011-12-25 06:51 PM
  14. borregro's Avatar
    I think I deserve on copy because it is one of the most awesome tweaks in Cydia. Also it is one of the most expensive tweaks and I don't have the money to buy it. I think I deserve it because I need to organize my albums as they are a really big mess right now. I want it because I have the need to organize all my things and I can't do it with photos. Also I think I deserve it because.. PLEASE GIVE IT TO ME!!!
    iPhone 4 Cydia account #1379183
    2011-12-25 07:45 PM
  15. Shad0wM0nk3y's Avatar
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    2011-12-25 09:07 PM
  16. emerica6708's Avatar
    I have been wanting this tweak since I got my iPad 2, so about a year now. I've never had the money to spend to buy it though, it's an awesome tweak that would be very useful for me. I have three different cameras, and my mom has one, I use the Apple CCK to import the photos straight to the iPad. This could be very useful so that I could organize the photos by which camera they came from. I could also use it for work, have any thing relating to work in one album so my boss couldn't see pictures from all those Friday nights I can't remember. If I win, I have an iPad 2, happy holidays and thanks for this.
    2011-12-25 11:58 PM
  17. EddyG_1's Avatar
    1. I take lots of pictures for precedents for my landscape architecture studies and organization would be great.
    2. College has put a strain on my bank account unfortunately, but I support your product.
    3. It's annoying to show off pictures of something funny or interesting I found and all of a sudden a random picture I use as a wallpaper appears.
    4. I would like to be able to stay away from iTunes unless I really need it.
    5. It would be a nice Christmas present for my phone =)
    iPhone 4 , Cydia account #1359521
    2011-12-26 03:15 AM
  18. BOYD's Avatar
    I think I deserve a copy of this tweak because I will put it to use everyday. I am so tired of having to sync back and forth to organize my albums. I recently was able to transfer my camera roll from my iphone to my computer, but it will not transfer back to my phone. This could have been avoided had I known about this awesome tweak! The thought of the process to get these photos back on my phone is enough to not even try. Using my iPhone's camera is about to be a part of my past.

    Iphone 4
    2011-12-26 07:36 AM
  19. kennyleeme's Avatar
    I deserve to win a copy of PhotoAlbums+ because......

    1) I won 2nd place in my 6th grade Speling Bee Competiton
    2) I'm into iPhone 4 photography and go out to different places every weekend as a hobby, thus this app will definitely help me organize my collections!
    3) In real life, I'm as polite as this bear Polite Bear Waves Hello - a waving bear - YouTube
    4) If I win a copy of PhotoAlbums+, then you get +10 Karma points (if you want more points, then you will have to give me another copy! jk! 1 copy is more than enough!)
    5) What is the best Christmas present in the world? A broken drum - you can't beat it!.

    I'm using an iPhone 4

    Cydia #: 936

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all!
    2011-12-26 10:12 AM
  20. swol_je's Avatar
    I need this app because. Along with pwntunes, these two are by far the most invaluable must have apps on the iPhone. I also want it because iTunes always installs these naked pics of my ex every time I restore as new and I can't seem to un check them! I thought that ios5 would be a life saver, as far as the picture fix but once again I was let down by apple. I should have known. Maybe the naked pics is why my wife deleted my whole iTunes library on my NetBook, but I guess it didn't delete those pics lol. I also need this because I just spent all my money on the retro Jordan 11s and now I'm flat broke. ( another possible reason for the NetBook " mishap").
    Thanks again for being such an awesome dev and giving us poor people a change at owning the best apps out for the iPhone.
    iPhone 4
    Cydia# 602622
    2011-12-27 01:11 AM
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