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    You may remember this awesome tweak introduced by SpiritOfLogic.

    PhotoAlbums+ is a tweak that was invented in an attempt to increase the functionality of the iOS albums feature. In the past, albums on iOS could barely be manipulated and all you had the option to do was delete photos that you took on the device itself. With PhotoAlbums+ (and iOS 5) we now have much more options for playing with our photography storage because now we have the ability to move photos between albums and delete/add albums at our leisure right from the device itself without ever needing the help of a computer or iTunes. If you want to learn more about what PhotoAlbums+ is capable of doing, then check out our review of the tweak from this link. Additionally, you can watch the video below by Jerry Adams, a member of SpiritOfLogic, which demonstrates some of PhotoAlbums+'s extensive features:

    I've been using PhotoAlbums+ for quite a while now and I have to side with the fact that it's a huge improvement over the stock iOS album management features. I like the way that I have ultimate control over just about every feature of the albums, including the ability to move photos from one album to another even after taking a photo. This tweak glorifies the iOS 5's 'PC-free' feature by adding more internal user support so that a computer is never needed to manage your iDevice. Because the iPhone is such a popular point and shoot camera device, having album control like this feels like an essential part of photography. The iPhone is both a camera and a computer - so I feel that Apple should have introduced these features to begin with.

    In my opinion, this tweak is well worth the money that it costs - but if you're lucky, you can win it for free this holiday season. It works with iOS 3, iOS 4, and iOS 5 and there are iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad compatible versions. Here's how to enter:

    The giveaway here is a gift from the SpiritOfLogic developer, Christian Heusinger. Let's all hand him a big thanks and wish him the best for the holidays. To be entered for a chance to win a copy of PhotoAlbums+, leave a comment below with at least five complete sentences explaining why you think that you deserve to win a copy of PhotoAlbums+ and leave your Cydia number in the end of the comment. You should also tell us if you're an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad user so that we can give you the right version.

    We are giving away 20 copies of PhotoAlbums+ and winners will be announced on December 27.

    Sources: Christian Heusinger
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    1. I deserve this simply because no matter what Santa says, I have tried to be a good boy.
    2. This app exceeds all other apps in functionality and ease of use.
    3. The creator is extremely generous by doing this giveaway.
    4. It is very hard to come up with 5 complete sentences when the app is so good that I couldn't describe it even if I tried.
    5. Merry Christmas Christian Heusinger and thanks once again for your generosity!!

    iPhone 4 User. 1258927.
    2011-12-24 07:45 PM
  3. Commandor's Avatar
    I really like this tweak, which makes my albums more flexible. And yes, I want the iPad version. I have managed my iPhone's albums with PhotoAlbum+ for a long time. So I need this one in iPad, too. Maybe it's too convenient that I just want to manage my photos in idevices instead of iPhoto on mac. Merry Christmas to you all!
    Cydia number: #2282374
    2011-12-24 07:47 PM
  4. Gh0sti's Avatar
    1. I think I should have the photo albums plus is because i have a lot of pictures that I want to organize without the need of itunes.
    2. I use my camera on my iPhone for every picture i take I love to organize.
    3. There are many photos that i take and also store that I want to be able to protect from people who may get a hold of my phone and want to look at those precious photos and I want them protected at anytime if my phone gets stolen.
    4. I also use my phone daily and i love to make my phone do things that apple hasn't allowed nor will allow me to do in the future in the iOS ecosystem itself, so whatever tweak or hack that I can do to my phone I always try it out and have installed even if my phone crashes a lot from having too many tweaks on it.
    5. And Lastly why I think I deserve to have Photo albums plus lately i have been buying every tweak that i have used before i love helping out the developers now that i have money to do so and love to make my phone do things it was not tended to do by apple what developers for cydia do is they make what the future iOS updates are looking forward to, someday most if not all of the idea of photos albums + will be integrated into iOS however right now i want those features and really want to have this tweak on my iPhone

    iPhone 4 CDMA #610676
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  5. metaserph's Avatar
    I want the PhotoAlbums+ app because in my daily life I use both my iPhone's cameras in work as an Industrial Designer. Managing my photo albums allows me to document installs, manage design approvals, create presentation folders for conceptual designs, create mockups of projects and document progress from drafts to finished. I'm a current iRealSMS user so I know the quality of products SpiritOfLogic puts out, I expect the same from this tweak. I'm a long standing supporter in the community and it'd be cool to have it.
    Cydia#: 60986
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    2011-12-24 08:20 PM
  6. scroogelives's Avatar
    I won't enter as already have this but would say one of the most used tweaks makes managing photos a simple process that apple haven't really explored yet!
    2011-12-24 08:26 PM
  7. futer's Avatar
    i think i should because I'm a boss and beat my friends in the game of risk over 9,000 times
    2011-12-24 08:30 PM
  8. petereoin's Avatar
    1.) I think this is an excellent tweak
    2.) I want to be the envy of all my friends
    3.) I need to lock my photos from my nosy little brother
    4.) I don't have the money to purchase one
    5.) Make my Christmas wish come true
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    2011-12-24 08:42 PM
  9. xRECKSx's Avatar
    I actually wanted to purchase this tweak but with my wife and daughter I did not want to spend to much money i feel like I'm in debt already with Christmas lol so I would love to win a copy as I have many pictures of my family and have purchased many AppStore apps to manage my library but don't really work like this tweak.

    Cydia number: 3109916
    2011-12-24 09:07 PM
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    • I work out.

    • When I walk in the spot, this is what I see.

    • Everybody stops and they staring at me.

    • I got passion in my pants and I ain't afraid to show it.

    • I'm sexy and I know it.

    Seriously though this is an amazing tweak and it was much needed because, I like many others, take A LOT of pictures with my iPhone. I've spent a lot of time trying to figure out a way to manage my albums on device and it's very frustrating. I've also had several friends ask me how to manage their albums only to find out it can'y be done effectively on a stock device. Especially having kids that play with my iPhone often, having private albums will literally be a life saver. Plus you know that PhotoAlbums+ will be crafted with the utmost care and spectacular customer support SpiritOfLogic have actively exhibited with other apps like iRealSMS and PwnTunes. Well worth the money IMO.

    iPhone 4 #1540647

    2011-12-24 09:14 PM
  11. jose060789's Avatar
    OMG, finally a giveaway that doesn't involve Twitter. I thought I'd never see the day. This truly is a Christmas to remember. (not sarcasm)
    Too bad I already have this tweak >
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    2011-12-24 09:28 PM
  12. Aehmlo's Avatar
    I think I deserve this because I've been a good boy this year, just like Santa said.
    I think I deserve it because I really need this functionality- iTunes messes with my phone when I sync, and so I need to make albums on the device itself. This is driving me crazy!
    I think I deserve this because I really want to have an organized camera roll, and this is pretty much the only tweak that can help me.
    I think I deserve this because I have many other tweaks, but this would complete my iPhone experience.
    I think I deserve this because I'm curious as to if this is as good as everyone says it is, and am dying to see how it works. I like every other tweak by SpiritOfLogic, but I haven't had the chance to test out this one.

    iPhone 3G user
    Cydia number: 3101013
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  13. Shashank.s's Avatar
    I want the tweak because I really loved that tweak after watching its video and I can't afford to buy it from Curia store.. I really love having such tweaks on my phone and that is what I will wish to Santa to give me don this Christmas. I hope Santa will fulfill my wish..
    iPhone 4 user.
    Cydia number : 2061899
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    2011-12-24 09:59 PM
  14. khel905's Avatar
    - i believe this tweak is great app
    - i always wanted it and i realy hope you can give me one
    - it has many features and this is realy great
    - i can manage my photos and my albums this is waw
    - you rock SpiritOfLogic i respect you for this


    iphone 3gs (4.0.1) Cydia Account #3110089
    2011-12-24 10:00 PM
  15. AdiiLooS's Avatar
    - I don't have the money to purchase one
    - I think this is an excellent tweak
    - I want to suprise my friends with this great tweak
    - I can manage my photos and my albums without iTunes
    - Merry Christmas Christian Heusinger and thanks

    iPhone .. Cydia Account #3028732
    2011-12-24 10:57 PM
  16. Gökmen Ecer's Avatar
    hi.. i'm not enought English... But i want to this twaek.. please help me my cydia account #1272704

    not enought editing tweak in ios 5 or 5.0.1.. this tweak is awesome =)
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    2011-12-24 11:50 PM
  17. codvisp's Avatar
    To be franc, it's so easy to name 5 reasons:

    1. It's better than iOS 5 stock photo albums where u can only group the pics while with photoalbums+ you actually assign photos to albums!
    2. For work: I use the camera a lot, so dividing my photos into groups as Work & Personnal.... would push the iPhone to a really professional stage where organization & efficiency come first!
    3. Who wouldn't need to lock a group of intimate pics?! :P
    4. Stock looking user interface that makes impossible actions so simple, as copying & pasting photos between albums!
    5. You guys always strive to meet your customers demands, you listen & update the App frequently (as when iOS 5 was launched)
    6. Copying whole Albums from the iPhone by USB?!? SpiritOfLogic have
    really outdone themselves... A dream come true! I always wondered why simple and needful things can't be achieved with Apple

    Cydia account #738781
    iPhone 4 iOS 5
    Thank you modmyi & SpiritOfLogic for the chance to win
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    2011-12-25 01:36 AM
  18. SithStrife's Avatar
    First of all, Merry Christmas to ALL and a very happy jolly New Year! Why PhotoAlbums+? Because it's the single, most useful, readily available tweak for our Photos, especially our albums. Why do I deserve to win it? I think we ALL deserve to have PhotoAlbums+. As for me, it's the perfect tweak at the perfect time. I'll organize my photos from last nights celebration of Christmas, throw them on albums, and share with my family (thru the social networking sites without having to go through all the pics one by one). And, if I'm lucky, I would use it again for the New Year's celebration! Thank you ModMyi and sir Heusinger.

    Cydia # 2878917 : iPhone 4 user
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  19. Puxini's Avatar
    Hello modmyi, here are my thoughts about why I should win the app:

    First of all, I'm not used to post comments on websites but I think this app is worth it so I made an account for it.

    What, that sounded bad? I hope that my sincerity in those words didn't pain you, because YOU are my favorite "iOS for jailbreakers" news site I read via RSS and follow via twitter. And I'm not english native, that should be counted as... double effort for writting this, right? :P

    The problem is that I'm not used to buy any apps from whatever appstore we talk about, there would be too many things to buy if I had to choose, and I don't really have that much money.

    If I win, I would follow Christian Heusinger on twitter and love him (or you, if you are reading me ^^) for ETERNITY!

    And finally, but most importantly: I want to get it, and you MUST make it happen, really :P And I won't participate for the iRealSMS giveaway I have seen later on the news, because I've got an iPod Touch, so... share the gifts pleeease!! >.<

    Merry Christmas to all, and I wish you a happy new year

    iPod Touch 4 - Cydia account #3096623
    2011-12-25 02:22 AM
  20. Fallguy's Avatar
    I deserve this tweak because.............
    1) My dog ate my homework .
    2) I'm so broke , I cant afford to even pay attention.
    3) I'm a control freak . This gives me control over my photos finally.
    4) All I'm getting for Christmas is a lump of coal.
    5) With this , I can now BE SOMEBODY!
    Cydia # 148710
    2011-12-25 03:52 AM
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