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    This new tweak lets you email your SMS to yourself.

    Are you worried that someone might be using your iPhone when you're not looking? Then a new jailbreak tweak dubbed iForward might be just what you're looking for. The tweak can be downloaded in Cydia beginning today and it's been brought to the Cydia store by none other than Ryan Conigliaro. iForward is compatible with iOS 4 and iOS 5 and it has some configurable settings that you can change in the Settings application as shown in the image above. You can monitor your SMS or calling through email.

    After you link your email to the tweak, you will get an email notification every time an SMS message is sent on your iPhone. You can configure only one email address at a time but it will let you know if someone else is using your iPhone. You can get notifications not only for SMS and calling but also for voice mail. Sometimes we overlook our voice mail and missed calls often, and getting a small notification to remind us that it's there is just what we need to get to it.

    iForward supports SSL encryption so that your data is sent safely. Obviously, for this to work your will need some kind of an internet connection. If you're not on Wi-Fi this could eat up your data usage constantly sending emails if many text messages are sent from your iPhone. Another thing to note is that you will get email notifications when you are the one sending SMS messages too - so be prepared to get a lot of email and have a really full inbox by the end of the day if you're a heavy iPhone SMS, calling, or voice mail user.

    I think that this tweak comes in handy for when you leave your iPhone at home with some clingy hands. If you have nosy family but you don't want to bring your iPhone out with you because you're going somewhere like swimming, then with iForward - you will be able to look back and see if your nosy family sent anything to anyone, even if it's been deleted from the phone because you get an email telling you what was sent. I find that to be very nice to have so that no one can try to cover up that they had been using the iPhone in the first place. The tweak does a good job at what it claims to do so I give it a good rating and I recommend it to anyone who wants to keep tighter tabs on their iPhone's SMS usage.

    Name: iForward
    Price: $1.99
    Repo: BigBoss
    Version: 1.0
    Developer: Ryan Conigliaro
    Editor's Rating:  4/5

    What are your thoughts of iForward? Share in the comments.

    Sources: Cydia, Ryan Conigliaro
    2011-12-27 06:52 AM
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    I read the post and excuse me if I overlooked it but does it forward the content of the texts? Perhaps the length and exact time the call was placed or received? U know. That kind of stuff
    2011-12-27 07:31 AM
  3. Tasosm's Avatar
    This can also be done via google voice. It forwards all your texts, phone calls and voicemails (transcribed to text-not an exact science lol) as emails to your idevice. And most importantly it's FREE99.
    2011-12-27 11:19 AM
  4. rmc33's Avatar
    iForward does send the content of the SMS messages with the time and sender/receiver's address. It is sent directly from the phone to the email account. I plan on adding the duration of the call. It is not in version 1.0-2 at the moment. I also plan on adding the location of the phone at the time of the call,sms or voicemail. Thanks for the suggestions. I have not tried google voice, interesting. I wonder if that requires a google voice number? I doubt it sends directly from the phone too, it may use the google server when you call or sms through the google voice number.
    2011-12-28 04:01 PM