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  1. diggsphone's Avatar
    If I win I have so many ideas to make this work very well without getting in the way or having too many functions!

    Cydia Account # 3141913
    2011-12-29 11:17 AM
  2. robsonmeg's Avatar
    I would love a copy of this is I am one of the lucky ones
    Many thanks rob I don't know where to find my cydia number so
    If I am chosen then please email.
    2011-12-29 11:18 AM
  3. fijimanfiji's Avatar
    The only worthwhile multitasking tweak is MultiCleaner! And that's so you can DISABLE the crappy counterfeit stock multitasking
    Wise words....
    2011-12-29 11:41 AM
  4. Striknine's Avatar
    These are the same gestures used on the blackberry playbook straight from the factory. Not much of an original idea. I am glad someone did port these gestures over to ios platform as I find myself trying to do these on my iPad.
    2011-12-29 11:47 AM
  5. MikeCTZA's Avatar
    Great looking mod !! I love seeing the things that JB devs come up with. I've just started using a Air and a Magic Mouse with 2 new systems so this will fit right in with the whole swipe method to reveal the app launcher/switcher.

    Great looking mod !! I love seeing the things that JB devs come up with. I've just started using a Air and a Magic Mouse with 2 new systems so this will fit right in with the whole swipe method to reveal the app launcher/switcher.
    Forgot to add my Cydia no is: 955743
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    2011-12-29 11:56 AM
  6. tschuy's Avatar
    My iPod has always seemed like it's worse at multitasking, simply because getting to multitasking is harder than other OS's. With zephyr, iOS's intelligent multitasking will go to less of a waste.
    Cydia #1254855
    2011-12-29 12:08 PM
  7. Iculknfne's Avatar
    THANK GOD! I have an iPad and use this feature more than anything. To have it on my phone would be awesome. These two people are amazing when it comes to tweaks that really make the iOS experience much better. Great job! I hope I get a copy of this! Cydia number 1248138
    2011-12-29 12:34 PM
  8. iShoppell's Avatar
    I would love to have this tweak for the functionality and the altogether awesome tweak chpwn put together! I already have some of his rock solid tweaks, and would love to put this in my arsenal! Cydia# 1608333
    2011-12-29 12:37 PM
  9. devjadeja's Avatar
    " Ah .. My Concept is alas Jailbroken(stolen) .. !!! I was about to Upload it on Modmyi Repos "

    LoL ..
    BTW .. THanks to the devs. All hail Jailbreak Community
    2011-12-29 12:45 PM
  10. scroogelives's Avatar
    I have blamed the stock multi tasking for my home buttons wearing out since it turned up! Really think its time it was a more detailed system and allowed more functions like showing what apps are using what and ability to turn off the feature for apps that have no real need for it! Anyway bought the tweak cause I couldn't wait!
    2011-12-29 12:47 PM
  11. xxscaxx's Avatar
    Really intrigued by the swipe left/right to switch between apps. I absolutely love this gesture on my ipad2. I currently use "pinch" to bring up my multitask bar.

    2011-12-29 01:21 PM
  12. i_love_baseball's Avatar
    What a great app for the iPhone! Glad someone took the time to develop it, thank you! Cydia # 1942465.
    2011-12-29 01:24 PM
  13. Chong Yong Wei's Avatar
    This is such a simple and elegant tweak,it would be awesome for me to have it along with many of the other of chpwn tweaks.This would be a very sweet New Year's gift too to kick off the New Year.Also,I do many stuff on my iphone and with such a easy way to switch around apps,it would make my life easier.

    Cydia Account #1276929
    2011-12-29 01:35 PM
  14. BenderRodriguez's Avatar
    They totally stole the Zephyr name from a new Bluetooth speaker on the market I would know I own one the brand name is Zephyr or Spar but it's called a Zephyr Speaker
    2011-12-29 01:50 PM
  15. Puxini's Avatar
    I want it, because I love chpwn and all his works. And because I've got an iPod Touch and is slower than an iPhone (especially in multitasking) and actually I don't use any multitasking tweak except of appslide which is another of chpwn's wonderful tweaks.
    Thank you all and I wish you a very happy new year
    cydia #3096623
    2011-12-29 01:50 PM
  16. Commandor's Avatar
    I would like to have one copy of this. But I have one suggestion for that. The switching between apps with one finger is too easy to trigger while you are in a game like fruitninja. If that could be trigger with more specific gesture would be better.
    Cydia number: #2282374
    2011-12-29 01:51 PM
  17. wamoinc's Avatar
    I have been waiting for a nice multitasking tweak to use. I am always looking for a better way to use my phone. I would really get great use out of it. Not to mention its Christmas and I deserve it. Chown thanks for great apps and ModMy thanks for the reviews and giveaways.
    Cydia# 1137473
    2011-12-29 01:59 PM
  18. Littlejd123's Avatar
    I think @chpwn is a really cool dev but his tweaks are payed and I'm too cheep to buy them (and I DO NOT priate)
    You can get a hold of me on twitter @littlejd123
    2011-12-29 02:09 PM
  19. mmaboi21's Avatar
    I deserve a copy of Zephyr because I have purchased all my apps and tweaks/themes from cydia and I like to truly customize my device to the fullest. Zephyr allows my Idevice to be different and i can't wait to start using it.

    Cydia #896973
    2011-12-29 02:53 PM
  20. robinkkk's Avatar
    Chpwn was the first person i ever followed on twitter, the first iPhone developer i ever bought a tweak from. The way he enhanced my iOS experience in the early iOS 4 days was just amazing. The lastest tweak i got from Chpwn is Spire. Spire is free what is simply awesome (just started to work with a new proxy :P)
    So the reson i want to by Zephyr is that i want to take care of my home button. My third iPhone 4 now (always broken homebutton)- luckily warranty. Zephyr looks so damn smooth! Looks like an all-new way for really fast multitasking. That would be so great. I just checked twitter and saw his Retweet so i thought why not trying it? When i don't win the giveaway, i can still buy it. So yeah.. :-)
    My Cydia ID is: #1061501

    you can follow me on Twitter for more mods and help =) : @robinkmz
    2011-12-29 03:05 PM
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