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    You essentially imply that work doesn't get done on Windows...
    Not at all. I said that I will get more work done getting to the point of working than worrying about maintaining the computer instead. If you want to ignore the updates and let your computer slow down in order to get work done, then go ahead. Even your attempt to mediate is biased - you've essentially told me that I'm implying something I'm not.

    I feel that you have over-analyzed my points to the point of trying to start a whole new debate from them. We aren't average Joe's here. Here, we are discussing computer internals. An average Joe would have nothing to do with this conversation. I mean are you really going to tell me than an average Joe couldn't do this to do what they wanted to? Even if you were to use average Joe as an argument against me, this skirmish isn't about average Joe. It's about squashing the misconception that Mac OS X isn't customizable and that it was made for computer illiterate people.

    Nonetheless, back to Windows Phones. We will agree to disagree.
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    2012-01-08 10:55 PM
  2. Y67H's Avatar
    Windows is crap compared to OSx? ROFLMAO that must be why OSx is barely 5% of the market. Please name me 1 thing you can do on OSx that you can't do on Windows.
    I actually like Windows better than OSX. I bought a MBP and use boot camp 99% of the time
    2012-01-09 02:01 AM
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    face it every OS sucks
    2012-01-09 02:19 AM
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    Windows is crap compared to OSx? ROFLMAO that must be why OSx is barely 5% of the market. Please name me 1 thing you can do on OSx that you can't do on Windows.
    Market share has nothing to do with what is the "best" operating system. If that were true, you would be saying McDonalds makes the best burgers in the world because they have a larger market share compared to other companies. Windows whored itself out in the late 80's because Gates wanted it on everything, and Apple believed in keeping hardware and software together. As a result, Windows became the dominant OS due to the fact more than one company was making PC's that would use it.

    Also, what Lion can do/has that Windows natively cannot/doesn't have:
    *Mount ISO's and other disk images
    *extensive library of fonts, i.e. Helvetica.
    *Better browser built-in.
    *Fluid gestures for a trackpad.
    *NIX based operating system, more secure.
    *Major developer support.
    *More simple installation method for applications.

    The list goes on...

    To all their own operating system, but you asked for someone to point out the flaws in Windows 7.

    2012-01-09 03:16 AM
  5. Kil0111's Avatar
    just like the zune, it will fail.
    2012-01-09 03:31 AM
  6. Colby21's Avatar
    If you want to hold onto a PC that makes you do that all yourself instead of getting work done, then I'd say that you're wasting your own time.
    I'd rather waste 3 minutes every month to use an OS that's compatible with my school and work and continue working on a machine i've had for 5 years than waste over a thousand dollars on a name. just my $.02
    2012-01-09 04:25 AM
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    Microsoft has been in the mobile world for awhile now (anyone remember Windows Mobile? Zune?). Of course they're going to try compete with Apple and the iDevice. I don't know why this surprises anyone, that Apple comes out with a product, and Microsoft comes out with a competing product. So what? It's business. Microsoft makes their money from business-class software, both Desktop and Server. I don't see Apple being able to compete with Microsoft on that level. Consumer devices and personal software, maybe. Server-class software? Not so much. Case in point: VDI.

    I really hope Microsoft finds their niche with Metro. Being able to seamlessly move documents between the desktop, tablet, and phone device using the cloud would be a dream for many businesses (mine is medical). If they can tie their Lync product into all three hardware platforms on Metro, that'd be even better.

    I'd like to see some evidence of this too. I use both OS's at work and at home, and both have their strengths and weaknesses, but Windows software has come a long way from the Windows 98SE days. It also works very well on a variety of hardware - from ATOM processors on haptic touch panels to 6-core AMD's. There's also a much better selection.

    If you can't judge Windows Phone and you "despise" Windows, what experiences are you making your judgement on?
    I think Microsoft should also learn from Jailbreak community like Apple does it. Take a look at the above boring theme for instance. Wouldn't be nice Microsoft make their default theme something like Geek or whiteToken etc?
    2012-01-10 04:05 AM
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    In windows we can do anything, watch videos in any formats, change attributes of files and folders, how user friendly that still is. If windows phone is capable of doing such things, then probably i'll be happy to stick with windows phone.
    2012-01-10 01:58 PM
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