1. Anthony Bouchard's Avatar
    <br><br>Your video boxes don't show up on iPhone btw
    Yeah doesn't the bold statement in the beginning of the article say not to view the video on an iOS device? I thought I made that pretty clear.
    2012-01-11 12:31 AM
  2. Tonytone70's Avatar
    personally i wouldnt want it because of how big it is, i mean its thinker then most battery cases, but thats just me. I looks real nice though
    lol, i think you lost the point of it...of course it's bigger..it has buds inside it! I don't think most people would buy it because it's bigger yeah...they'd just get some slim case. But in the vid they're saying if you wana carry your buds around with you then get it! Looks nice but I wouldn't buy it...I don't need to carry buds, i have DD cans....but my brother's gonna order this because he's got some new expensive Bose numbers he want to carry around
    2012-01-12 12:29 PM
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