1. blueberry27's Avatar
    Hahahaha... seriously, I never expect Modmyi or any iPhone blog would notice thing we have here in SG. basically, this thing start since iphone 4. as far as I know, the camera is not taken out. u know, if you un-screwed the 2 penta-whatever screws at the bottom, u can easily takeout the front & back glass!? the same method how one kid sell white cover for iphone 4 black back in the day. they are just using china replica front and back plate with no holes for camera. this method is quite popular here esp. with those transparent see thru back plate which you can see your A4/A5 heart beating... lolx.
    2012-01-14 05:57 AM
  2. zyme's Avatar
    I'm still crossing my fingers for a non-wireless ipad2 or 3, might even be worth $900 to get the wifi, bluetooth, and camera's stripped off so I could bring it into the SCIF. =(

    My friend in the U.S. Navy works with nuclear bombs. He told me that at any base when you work in any area that has higher than normal security clearance,phones with cameras are 100% prohibited. He has to this day never owned a smartphone.
    2012-01-15 03:49 AM
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