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    You can use this tweak to save a session of your tabs in Mobile Safari.

    If you have a good Mobile Safari multitasking session going and you need to close your tabs for whatever reason, you might be annoyed by the fact that you need to reopen each and every one of them later on. Well, not anymore, thanks to a jailbreak tweak called SessionFiend by iOS developer Josh Kugelmann. As you can see from the screenshot above, it lets you save all of the tabs that you have open currently as a session. When you're ready to deal with that session again, you can launch all of the websites with one tap.

    The way the tweak works is that all of the options are built into the Mobile Safari Web browser. You won't find anything in the Settings application. To save a session of your currently open tabs, you can go into Mobile Safari and open the Bookmarks list. From there you'll see a new folder titled, "Saved Sessions" which is where your sessions will be saved. You'll find a, "Save Session" button in the bottom right that will bring up a window letting you add or delete Web Sites. From there you can delete any of the tabs that you have open or add any tabs that you don't have open. For a visual representation of what I am talking about, the screenshot above is what I am talking about.

    After you save your session, you can try it out by closing all of your open tabs and then going into the Bookmarks menu and then tapping on, "Saved Sessions" and tapping on the session that you saved. All of the tabs that you had open should launch and you can resume where you left off when you saved the session. The functionality is massaged right into the browser so you get that integrated feel and experience. You can delete the sessions easily the same way as you would delete a Bookmark by tapping edit and deleting the ones you don't want. In fact, it's basically a way of bookmarking more than one Web site at once.

    One prerequisite of the SessionFiend tweak is that it is limited to the maximum amount of tabs that Mobile Safari can have open (eight). However, it is possible to break that limit. There is a free tweak is Cydia known as Tabs+ that you can install which will extend your tab limit and it works fully with SessionFiend. This way, you can save a session of more than eight Mobile Safari tabs if need be.

    SessionFiend is for iOS 5 only. It will work with the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. It's also on sale for a limited time. It does a great job at letting you multitask on the go in Mobile Safari because it helps you keep backups of your browser's workstation. If you decide that you can do work in Mobile Safari later, then you can use this tweak to actually do it later without having your workstation cluttering Mobile Safari for your current task at hand. I really recommend this tweak for any Mobile Safari power users.

    I talked to Josh about his motivation behind SessionFiend and this is what he said:

    Anthony: Could you tell me a little about your motivation behind the tweak and how it could benefit users?
    Josh: I mainly wrote this tweak because I was tired of having to open all of my favorite sites one by one. Even with bookmarks, this can be quite a chore if you have 16 or so sites to open. I often use my iPod touch to do a bit of reading on a set topic, and found myself wanting an easy way to save those sites and open them back up for another day. Something like the reading list built into Safari, but for a group of sites. A session manager was the prefect fit for both of these tasks.

    Name: SessionFiend
    Price: Normally $1.50, currently on sale for $1
    Repo: BigBoss
    Version: 1.0.0-1
    Developer: Josh Kugelmann
    Editor's Rating: / 4.5/5

    Will you consider buying SessionFiend for your Mobile Safari multitasking and session management needs? Share in the comments.

    Sources: Josh Kugelmann.
    2012-01-16 06:54 AM
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    That iPhone looks cute with no antenna borders

    Edit: oh $h!T it's an iPod !!!!!!!

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    I don't use Twitter, how do I download this app?
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