1. Anthony Bouchard's Avatar

    Today, sn0wbreeze turns 2!

    Happy birthday sn0wbreeze; you have brought many jailbreaks to Windows users everywhere with your unique graphical user interface and ease of use. Sn0wbreeze is a jailbreak tool made by iH8sn0w and usually follows suit in functionality of redsn0w so that Windows users can have an alternative tool for jailbreaking. It is symbolized by a snowflake with a curved opening on the side that resembles the Apple with a bite taken out of the side. iH8sn0w also makes other iDevice tools such as iFaith and iREB.

    The update brings some new features to sn0wbreeze including:

    • Brought back old firmware support in one release
    • GUI Improvements
    • You can now build IPSWs with TinyUmbrella/iFaith blobs
    • Removes OTA Updates/badge on iOS 5.x.x+ devices
    • Added an IPSW Downloader
    • Built-in iREB functionality updated from newest iREB r5 module
    • Custom Packages in Expert actually works now
    • All supported firmwares in this release are untethered
    • A5 devices are NOT supported at this time due to no public DFU/iBoot exploit

    Sn0wbreeze also now supports all of the following firmwares on all iDevices except for A5 ones:

    • Supports iOS 3.1.3
    • Supports iOS 3.2.x
    • Supports iOS 4.0.x
    • Supports iOS 4.1
    • Supports iOS 4.2.1 - 4.2.8
    • Supports iOS 4.3 - 4.3.3
    • Supports iOS 5.0.1
    • iOS 4.3.4/4.3.5/4.4.x/5.0 support coming soon

    If you are a sn0wbreeze fan and you want to show support, then you can download the new sn0wbreeze 2.9 from this link and give iH8sn0w a big thank you for his contributions to the jailbreak community. His blog also holds a long list of credits which are the people that you can thank for their helpful contributions with the project too. They are often overlooked as iH8sn0w is the one that is well known for the tools being in existence.

    Sn0wbreeze is Windows only, like most of iH8sn0w's tools, so this means that you won't be able to enjoy the pleasures of this tool on Mac OS X without either using Bootcamp or some kind of virtual machine software. If you don't use either, then you can still use redsn0w to jailbreak and manage your iDevices. In case you were wondering about the new GUI, take a look at the image below:

    Sources: iH8sn0w's Blog
    2012-01-17 08:25 AM
  2. Kil0111's Avatar
    Just got excited ...for no reason...deployment date set for Monday...I doubt a5 jb released by then. oh well

    Removed for being inappropriate. This is your sixth and final warning -
    2012-01-17 08:33 AM
  3. iZangetsu's Avatar
    Nice that's what is needed one tool for all. Redsn0w guys need to take a hint from this one great JB tool but too many versions to shuffle through. I'll use this to re-JB my old trusty 3G that my lady uses as an iPod now
    2012-01-17 09:06 AM
  4. Eminem1976's Avatar
    hopefully someone can help me here. with this new update it is basically an unteathered jb for what was stated above. meaning it has no effect on unlocking baseband 04.11.08. is this statement correct?
    2012-01-17 10:14 AM
  5. fabbuloso's Avatar
    hopefully someone can help me here. with this new update it is basically an unteathered jb for what was stated above. meaning it has no effect on unlocking baseband 04.11.08. is this statement correct?
    yesss.This is no "baseband unlock". i think gevey team is making a new one for that baseband. Just be patient.
    2012-01-17 10:28 AM
  6. GuessWhosBack's Avatar
    Anyone know if this works for the iPhone 2G? I don't have one to test but just want to know for future reference so I can delete some of my old redsn0w tools.
    2012-01-17 11:55 AM
  7. Eminem1976's Avatar
    at least it's a step closer, txs fabbuloso for the reply.
    2012-01-17 02:34 PM
  8. KraXik's Avatar
    Never used it. Just use Redsn0w as its always ready first.
    2012-01-17 04:05 PM
  9. BadJ3d1's Avatar
    I so need the 4.11.08 unlock. Sick of AT&T.
    2012-01-17 05:58 PM
  10. datboyvinh's Avatar
    does this JB fix the ibooks too? lmk thanks
    2012-01-17 07:04 PM
  11. Jastra's Avatar
    Why do most of the jailbreaking tools have the word snow in them???......
    2012-01-17 07:32 PM
  12. Tucnepo's Avatar
    I had a iphone 4 restored to Custom built 5.0.1 from snowbreeZe, a couple days later my phone crashed. Disregard the unlock i DFUed restored to apple stock firmware great work ih8snow has done but I've just had problems using it.
    2012-01-17 08:06 PM
  13. saleen_GT's Avatar
    Great tool used other versions and love it, mostly for preserved base band is one of my fav part
    2012-01-18 12:26 AM