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    I know this is a lie, because I witnessed an auto accident and called the police on 911 and in 5 minutes a cop car was at the scene asking me if I was the guy who called 911! Money talks and ******** walks!

    So I ended up purchasing an Iphone 4 for $300...Lucky ME...WTF!
    Utterly true.

    With only a warrant demanding your info be handed over to the Feds, an American carrier will disclose (often without notifying you):
    Your IMEI/MEID
    Your known ICCID(s)
    Your IMSI
    Your last known location(s), as triangulated from multiple cell sites.

    Next warrant is sent to Apple. That gets the serial number of your phone, ECID, UDID, and Apple IDs tied to that phone's IMEI. If Apple also has access to your GPS logs, they will turn that over too.

    If the right prosecutor calls the right people at Apple and the carrier, they'd go from warrants issued to data in hand inside of fifteen minutes. It's a joke that the average citizen cannot get that same information in regards to their own property and services they're paying for.
    2012-02-01 05:23 AM
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