1. soydepr's Avatar
    1. When the removal/insertion of Sim card is detected, popup custom notification bubble/popup asking for new cell number to activate sim card, send this info to device owner (ie. Please enter cell phone number to activate sim). and/or automatically grab sim phone number and send to owner.

    2. Disable SBSettings toggles and other specified mobile substrate(s) (LockInfo, IntelliscreenX, etc.) So "smart" thief cannot turn off location and other services required.

    3. Feature to Disable the ability to turn off power. Power button does nothing (Cannot reset device or power off)

    sms action still not working on latest update ......... main difference of free and pro is sms action, so if its not working why buy, i have offered to test fixes but no luck
    2012-02-15 12:32 AM
  2. Mrblackjapa's Avatar
    I use to have the icaughtya like app Igotcha worked nice great idea was glad I had it till I mixed it with dreamboard .hit wrong code
    It would respring,freeze till finally locked up had to restore . if any body mix this app with dreamboard and enter lock code wrong a few 10 times let me know if it's safe thanks
    2012-02-15 10:06 AM
  3. eballesq's Avatar
    Installed my free version of Pro on Monday...immediately had multiple safe mode crashes when an SMS came in. Hope this is fixed because as is, it's unusable.
    2012-02-15 10:48 AM
  4. soydepr's Avatar
    Installed my free version of Pro on Monday...immediately had multiple safe mode crashes when an SMS came in. Hope this is fixed because as is, it's unusable.
    I like this tweak very much. However in fairness SMS does not
    Work I have offered developer to help test he send a new
    Version but still SMS does not work and haven't
    Heard back from him

    I hope he supports a product for which we pay

    Program also lacks logging to see why SMS does not work
    2012-02-15 01:55 PM
  5. ralfmayo's Avatar
    I'm having a lot of trouble after updating icaughtupro. My springboard keeps crashing. It seems like almost every time I receive a text message. I wasnt having any problems with it before the update. Is this possibly another thing that could conflict with Spire because I just installed that a week ago. Also, when I go into my settings and try to get into the settings for icaughtyoupro nothing shows it is just blank. I have already tried reinstalling and rebooting. Anyone else having problems?
    I have this exact same problem. Blank settings page, and my phone keeps crashing and going into safe mod when a text message is received. Tried re-installing, removing then re-installing, same thing. I'm on the latest version.
    2012-02-20 04:52 AM
  6. idkanymore's Avatar
    This program is constantly having issues and functions not working! The email feature isn't working for me at all.
    It sent a command confirmation to someone COMPLETELY RANDOM! I didn't get any texts at the time or anything, it just sent one of my friends a random text that I haven't talked to in days. Nothing makes sense about it. I dont see anything even close to the SMS command I made.
    It also installs this weird hidden file called iCaughtUSender. Don't know what that is but it's hidden along with important files.
    On top of all that the author doesn't respond to emails.

    Sounded like a very good program but very buggy!
    2012-02-23 08:35 PM
  7. jimmywiggles's Avatar
    While with out doubt this is a great app, giving locations, pictures and who's got your phone. But who's going to get it back for you. If you've been mugged or just plane lost your phone. The cops are too busy eating "doughnuts" to go looking for a phone (unless its a serious assault?). what is needed is a reward button! A BIG RED BUTTON. where you can set up a phone number they call by pressing the button to claim a reward.( It could be activated by SMS giving you a choice and the thief), They can ring from your phone to the number you set. They claim what ever reward you'd like to give? 20 -50 (or what ever you think your phone is worth to you!) If you've ever lost a phone the first thing you do is ring it to ask for it back. This would give more chance of actually getting it back? I DO NOT want to see thieves rewarded, But at least you can get a chance of getting your phone back by meeting in a public place and parting with a few quid, the alternative is they take your battery and chuck your phone or sell it on ebay as spare parts. You've got to remember thieves are not stupid they are reading these articles as well, and know you can turn it off and wipe it etc,
    ps I've already bought this app credit would be nice
    2012-02-27 01:40 AM
  8. filthyjason's Avatar
    I know the contest is over, but i'd still like to submit some suggestions:

    1. a fake power-off mode, that way the theif would think the device is off but it's not so you can continue to track it. possibly have it send a notification email etc every few minutes

    2. an option to email the phone location just before any power off event. whether it's manual or if the phone dies from low battery, a location email could be helpful. Possibly a power on email too.

    3. allow me to use my own email account to send. it seems the servers it sends through do not always work. Using my own accounts would also allow the messages to queue up until the phone is back in service. If i'm in a building without coverage, my emails never go through.

    2012-03-19 10:30 PM
  9. sknet's Avatar
    i heard this tweak consume lots of ram is it true?
    2012-04-06 03:56 PM
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