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    I agree with some posters its a bit over priced but i guess the developer feels its worth it for their hard work. Personally the most id spend would be like 1.99 but i can't even remember the last time i needed to use bluetooth sharing.
    2012-02-12 09:38 PM
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    That's Anthony for you. Give him a 25 word statement and he can easily squeeze 300 words out of it.
    You know what guys, with Jailbreaks becoming more and more commonly adopted amongst the mainstream and the tools to jailbreak are getting more user friendly every time. You are starting to see a lot of "regular" folk who are not tech savvy wanting to read up on the Cydia Tweaks they've been urged to try.

    Anthony has to write for EVERYONE. not just the duschebags who speak in code. Leave him alone, there is a big favor he does for all of you Flamer's and trolls... He puts his name to the article and there's a preview of it on the homage of the site... how is that a favor? Because he's letting you know, if you don't like his writing style or articles... F**K off!"

    I used to spend so much time on this site and now I hardly come here but once a month. I am over at 9to5 and Redmond and you wanna know why? because they don't have "members" like you individuals who do nothing but bash the people who inform us...

    2 thoughts...

    1) If you think you can do better... do it! If you don't get published... you were wrong!

    2) people won't write for a site where the members don't appreciate it. You can complain about why MMI get's news late, or always comes in last on breaking info... It's because anyone who gives two squirts of piss or knows a damn thing, put's the info where the people appreciate it.

    Unless Anthony is like a battered wife, he is not gonna suck your d*ck after you keep kicking him in the head.
    2012-02-12 11:54 PM
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    For a simple product that sure was a really long article. Isn't ifile easier? Anyways I might have to check this out
    yes,that a long article,i think it's good post ,Very detailed
    how to use Seamless Bluetooth transfer file?
    2012-02-13 09:58 AM
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    I've bought it and it is perfect But F*** Celeste!!!! I bought it for 10 dollars and it didn't even get a update for ios 5? Hope airblue sharing will be updated to iOS 6 or something :P
    2012-02-16 09:44 PM
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    its realy cool app today only i bought this thanks eric
    2012-08-02 09:45 AM
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    I've been using this for quite some time, and I must say that this is one of the best things that I've ever gotten from Cydia.
    No, I'm not being extremely enthusiastic for the basic Bluetooth functionality, but I like this because it even works better than the standard Bluetooth receive/share function on Android or other OSes. What do I mean? Read on to find out if you're interested.

    $4.99 for basic Bluetooth functionality? That was the question that was running through my head when the tweak first surfaced on the Cydia's Changes section. But hey, this is probably worth getting if you just skip your daily cup of Starbucks coffee. But I don't even drink Starbucks coffee in the first place!

    At home, there are probably more than six jailbroken iOS devices laying around. That amounts up to less than a dollar for each device! Besides, if you share your Cydia account with other people, $4.99 doesn't seem to be that expensive, does it?

    So my mother had taken a lot of photographs from her trip to Taiwan. She requested me to help her put her photographs from her international Galaxy Note to her iPad. One way was to sync the photos using iTunes, but that won't put them in the camera roll. Another way was to copy the files to the iPad's through USB and tediously import the photographs into the library. One by one. Things were not as simple as it would be if she had an Android tablet. I temporarily raged at how horrible iOS manages photographs.

    After a few moments, AirBlue Sharing suddenly came to my mind. It has an import feature, right? So I did what no one else would do - copy the photos to my phone and send them to my mother's iPad via Bluetooth. With the Wi-Fi P2P support for transfers between iOS devices, it took lesser time than it would if I were to send it from the Galaxy Note. After initiating receiving mode, I sent the photographs to the iPad from my phone while I surfed the web and did other stuff like watching TV. It was finished in less than 2 hours, since the photographs have such huge file sizes.

    The photographs were imported to the Photos app. The videos were imported to the Videos app. Bluetooth automatically switched off on its own. I had no problems at all as everything worked seamlessly as I liked it to.

    I've used AirBlue Sharing many times just to send and receive photographs and even MP3 files. I even surprised a few Android users when I asked them to send me files via Bluetooth.

    This is one of the most stable jailbreak tweaks I've ever used. It's comparable to the stability found in tweaks developed by Ryan Petrich.
    Best of all, the developer will take in any suggestions and reply to most emails.

    Is it worth paying for? Absolutely. Take it as a donation to the developer instead of just payment. You won't regret getting this.
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    2012-10-06 08:44 PM
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    But F*** Celeste!!!! I bought it for 10 dollars and it didn't even get a update for ios 5?
    Errmmm, Celeste did get an update for ios 5. Works perfect on 4S.
    2012-10-24 07:02 PM
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