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    While many of us don't care for SpotLight or very seldom even end up looking at it, jailbreaking has been one of the ways that we have been able to increase its usefulness. There have been tweaks that make it solve math problems like a calculator similar to the Mac OS X version of SpotLight, there have been tweaks that make SpotLight capable of command lines, and now we have a new jailbreak tweak that lets us use SpotLight to compose Tweets to our Twitter timeline. The new jailbreak tweak dubbed SpotTweet by iOS developer dcturner is free in Cydia today and will not only make composing Tweets easier, but also make SpotLight more useful.

    As you see from the screenshot(s) above, when moving over to SpotLight, the blue return button (bottom right) turns into a send button after installing SpotTweet. This is the first indication that SpotTweet is working for you. But, before you can actually use SpotTweet, you have to sign into Twitter in the SpotTweet settings. To do this, you will notice that there is a new application icon on your home screen and it will look similar to this:

    After you open the application for SpotTweet, you will be prompted to sign in with your Twitter account to allow SpotTweet to have access to your timeline. This will make it so that you can use SpotTweet to compose tweets and post them to Twitter. After you sign in it will tell let you know that you're signed in and you can exit the application and hide it with various other jailbreak tweaks such as Springtomize 2, and then head over to SpotLight. It's optional to hide to the application, but I find that having an application on my home screen for a tweak like this is tedious and unnecessary.

    Once you head over to SpotLight, you can type in your Tweet that you wish to post to Twitter (keeping it under 140 characters) and then tap the blue send button and it will become live in Twitter. You can open any Twitter client that you have installed on your iDevice to verify that it was posted and the Tweet becomes live almost immediately. You will also notice that while you are typing, SpotLight will continue to search your iDevice for matching search results, so SpotTweet does not hinder the SpotLight functionality.

    Right off the bat, I noticed that the application icon was not optimized for the retina display and that was almost an immediate turn-off for me. Additionally, there are option options for Tweeting in iOS available through the Activator, TwitkaFly, and Sireet jailbreak tweaks that might be better Tweeting shortcut alternatives. I don't find myself using SpotTweet for Tweeting mostly because I feel Activator makes a better Tweet composer. However as it is free, I think that some of you will enjoy it!

    Name: SpotTweet
    Price: FREE
    Version: 1.0
    Repo: Modmyi
    Developer: dcturner
    Editor's Rating:  3/5

    Sources: Cydia
    2012-02-14 02:19 AM