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    Display Recorder is a classic application introduced into Cydia by iOS developer and hacker Ryan Petrich for the purpose of allowing you to take video recordings of your screen. It has proven entirely useful for demonstrations or entertainment videos that capture game-play. These videos can be imported to our Camera Roll for more powerful sharing options such as MMS, Email, Dropbox, and more. We also have tons of quality settings made available to us in the Settings application to help us to control the file sizes and frame rates.

    What's new in this glorious application is quite the extensive list. Starting with the most important and probably the most sought after is microphone recording, which allows us to record our screen and also any audio that is spoken into the microphone while we are recording our display. This is great for people who record demonstrations, because now they can explain what they are doing as they do it. It's also great for making entertainment videos out of game-play recordings because it is now possible to add a touch of personalization instead of simply putting a background song into the video later on. If you are trying to send a friend instructions about something, microphone audio recording is perfect for you.

    The next best new feature is added support for Celeste Bluetooth sharing. Now after we finish recording a video with Display Recorder, we will find a new option in the action button menu which is shown in the image below. Note: you need to have Celeste Bluetooth Sharing installed on your iDevice to have this feature. You should also be aware the Bluetooth isn't exactly what we would call, "fast." If you want to send a video over Bluetooth, you don't want to be recording in AVI format because the file size will be tremendous. We recommend recording in the H.264 format if you plan on using Celeste Bluetooth Sharing to transfer videos to your computer because the file size is much smaller.

    Apart from the huge updates, Display Recorder's Web interface now has support for key events which means that you can use your computer's keyboard as if you were typing on your iDevice with an external keyboard. Albeit limited by your connection speeds, it can save money from investing in a Bluetooth keyboard. Localization support has also been improved so that the entire user interface can be localized French, Italian, Hebrew, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese where before the update it was limited to only the settings and certain SpringBoard panes.

    The rest of the updates aren't as large, but they are noteworthy. One includes a fix for a crash in iOS 4.3.X that would land you in safe mode over and over again. Another update has added a delete button to the alert that pops up after you finish recording your display which allows you to trash that recording immediately if you had to unexpectedly quit recording because you goofed it up. Also added was a fix for a bug that would not allow you to start recording from the lock screen in iOS 5 even through the prompt asking you to record appeared.

    Through the bug fixes and the awesome new features that are now included in Display Recorder, it still stands the test of time as one of the greatest jailbreak applications ever invented for its usefulness and popularity. The microphone audio capture is probably my favorite new feature of the application because it saves the time of needing to do a voice-over in a third party computer application later on. If you like the updates, go and grab your free update today - or if you do not own it yet, you can grab it in the BigBoss repository for just $4.99.

    Sources: Ryan Petrich
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    2012-02-14 06:49 AM
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    The update is not live in Cydia as of 1:38 AM EST.
    2012-02-14 07:36 AM
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    When will the update be available?
    2012-02-14 07:49 AM
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    seen there wasa update in cydia for this updated but nothing changed
    2012-02-14 09:54 AM
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    I took a test spin with the mic audio feature. audio was out of phase with the video (audio track ended way before the video). anybody else have this happen?

    even so, awesome new feature. love this app like his other stuff. my phone would suck w/o petrich.
    2012-02-14 11:21 AM
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    Do I take it then that we would be able to record phone conversations?
    Sydney, Australia
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    2012-02-14 12:27 PM
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    I can't install Celeste Bluetooth on my 4s with 5.0.1, needs gremlin2 which doesn't work on ios 5.0.1 yet..
    2012-02-14 01:48 PM
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    I can't install Celeste Bluetooth on my 4s with 5.0.1, needs gremlin2 which doesn't work on ios 5.0.1 yet..
    It's on the cocoanuts beta repo for iOS 5.

    When will the update be available?
    It already is.
    2012-02-14 04:26 PM
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    Do I take it then that we would be able to record phone conversations?
    I have to wonder the same thing. I was always told that on my 3gs there wasn't a way to access the audio stream from the mic while the phone app was running. Other apps are able to record audio from the mic, so I'm not sure that means anything for in call recording.
    2012-02-14 06:27 PM
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    Do I take it then that we would be able to record phone conversations?
    If it's only recording the mic input then it sounds like it will record what you say but not the person on the other line.
    2012-02-14 06:42 PM
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    apt.cocoanuts won't add to my sources..
    2012-02-15 01:18 PM
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    The update is not live in Cydia as of 1:38 AM EST.
    It is live, and was live when you posted your comment stating otherwise.
    2012-02-15 01:54 PM
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    I read that if I'm an existing customer I can add the cocoanuts repo in cydia, what do I have to be a customer of, Celeste or yourtube?
    Is there another way to add the cocoanuts repo?
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    2012-02-16 07:44 PM