1. quidam_brujah's Avatar
    You're reward = all your base are belong to us.

    Engrish funny.
    2012-02-20 03:34 AM
  2. steve-z17's Avatar
    Makes me think you didn't even read what he said at all... He said he only had 10 dropped calls even with the case off so he is basically make it sound like there was no antennagate issue at all and the whole law suit was based off an issue that didn't exist. Further, he is happy with the result of just being the same as what was originally offered to them and thinks of that as "justice" because he doesn't like the idea of the class action suit as clearly you don't either. I thought that was obvious but I guess some people have to be spoon fed to understand...
    I'd assume after reading the post below yours that you realize I was right in what I said, he was talking for himself, you're the one who assumed what he was saying and pushed it in the wrong direction. It's all good though, I think you've learned your lesson about ASSumptions What were you saying about having to be spoon fed..?? Lol!

    Then just read the last paragraph, where I suggest that you post with good manners.
    Some people just don't learn
    2012-02-20 04:24 AM
  3. RICO_'s Avatar
    "Small number of customers"????

    lol. That's an understatement if I've ever seen one.
    2012-02-20 05:04 AM
  4. mr117's Avatar
    Well, it depends on how many there were out of the pool that bought i4s and had enough of a problem to complain (return it, replace it, or apply for a bumper/case for it) about it. Apple sold millions of i4s, so if 10,000 people did the above, that would qualify as a small number. I've heard all sorts of numbers bandied about re units sold and bumpers sent, and never have I seen actual hard data. But if Apple sold 3 million units, and 10 thousand of them got the above, that would be about what, .33%. That's a third of one percent. Double the number to 20,000 and it's still under one percent. Thirty thousand of that three million? One percent. That would be "small number of customers" indeed. I believe many more than 3 million were sold, however, so the percentage of disgruntled users might be even less. We can also assume that the court HAD those numbers, and factored that into its finding. But the end result is that Apple acted in good faith and no users "suffered" a loss.

    And, again, I had the feeling the whole thing was blown out of proportion. We had two phones in my family that didn't drop calls. I had more than ten friends whose phones didn't drop calls. I was at numerous Apple Stores during the time this contretemps was in full swing and I never once saw anyone come in and make a fuss about their phone dropping calls. In fact, each time I was at an Apple Store, all I saw was people buying phones. If people had issues, I never saw any of it. And I was looking, as I wondered why mine was working and, apparently, so many others' weren't.
    2012-02-20 06:15 AM
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