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  1. AdilMoosani's Avatar
    My friend used to have it and it's awesome...
    I WANT IT!
    2012-02-21 04:54 AM
  2. bigliquid530's Avatar
    Just to let people know it works fine with the tweak called Motion
    2012-02-21 05:44 AM
  3. thekirbylover's Avatar
    While Graviboard does sound a bit boring and useless to some, I find it funny to act like I dropped my device and say "oops, my icons broke..."
    My account's #2112335.
    2012-02-21 06:11 AM
  4. winfis's Avatar
    This app is so cool! Is not a must have, since it doesn't add any key functionality that other tweaks do. But it does something nothing else can, and that's great.

    Good luck!
    2012-02-21 06:11 AM
  5. icecold786's Avatar
    looks like a neat tweak to make all my android friends jeloous
    2012-02-21 06:19 AM
  6. joliano24's Avatar
    I like it so much. Nice and sweet
    Cydia # 1553023
    2012-02-21 06:32 AM
  7. bambam724's Avatar
    looks super fun
    2012-02-21 06:55 AM
  8. blackthund3r's Avatar
    Looks pretty cool. Won't change my life though but looks like a fun addition to SpringBoard
    2012-02-21 07:13 AM
  9. mxn's Avatar
    awesome that its finally out for 5.0.1
    but the new contest entry system is awful, i have neither facebook or twitter so i just loose out all around.
    2012-02-21 07:48 AM
  10. Ziusun's Avatar
    I am frikkin' exited about this news. Can't remember how many times I entertained my friends with Graviboard.

    I'm frikkin' exited about this news. Can't remember how many times I enjoyed this tweak whenever I saw it.
    Last edited by Ziusun; 2012-02-21 at 08:03 AM.
    2012-02-21 07:56 AM
  11. James Hall's Avatar
    its kinda cool but not a real winner in my book
    2012-02-21 08:08 AM
  12. attman's Avatar
    This looks to be a great tweak to show people what a JB phone means....
    2012-02-21 08:22 AM
  13. moomookau's Avatar
    Sounds like fun!
    2012-02-21 10:46 AM
  14. GXGOW's Avatar
    Looks nice. Just look out you don't shake too much with your iPhone :P
    2012-02-21 10:53 AM
  15. Kjølby's Avatar
    Its a cool tweak, would be cool to have.
    2012-02-21 12:04 PM
  16. Puxini's Avatar
    I always liked the effect that somebody made for the first iPhone released in 2007 with a "video" where you could see the iPhone icon apps moving freely around the screen when "shaking" the device and saying: "It's my new iPhone! I'm gonna keep it! "
    Here it is, BEHOLD!:
    Hope I win >.<!
    2012-02-21 12:42 PM
  17. SithStrife's Avatar
    Looks like the original Graviboard and maybe, it feels even smoother now on iOS 5. The decision to not include the dock icons to join the fun is acceptable, especially when you're using Scrollingboard or Infinidock where you have a plethora of icons on your dock. A must have tweak for power users! Thanks @modmyi, @BouchardAnthony and @conradev.
    2012-02-21 01:40 PM
  18. *T*'s Avatar
    OMG, I LOVE GRAVIBOARD!!! I used to show this to other ppl at parties, and I am glad it made it's way to iOS 5.
    2012-02-21 01:49 PM
  19. padsoftware's Avatar
    Sounds cool...
    2012-02-21 02:18 PM
  20. ord6's Avatar
    2012-02-21 02:29 PM
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