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    Take that steve jobs!!! I'm happy you are burning in hell for all eternity.
    Payback time dude
    2012-02-26 03:43 PM
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    Take that steve jobs!!! I'm happy you are burning in hell for all eternity.
    Payback time dude
    Wow!!! Really??? Really??? That's just ******* rude, dude. Why post **** like that??? What would motivate you to disparage the dead guy you don't even know except what was written about him???
    Why not just STFU and keep that crap to yourself!!!
    2012-02-26 07:08 PM
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    Just ignore the troll
    2012-02-26 07:28 PM
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    Just ignore the troll
    Works every time.
    2012-02-26 07:42 PM
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    When Motorola gets injunction on Apple stealing 3G technology, Apple is forced to finally pay to use their invention. Every phone you buy that uses 3G technology you will finally be paying Motorola something. So even if they do not manufacture cell phone you are giving Motorola money. I guess you look carefully when you buy iPad 3 because Samsung is one of the company that supplies LCD screen for that, because obviously you do not want to buy one with Samsung screen and rather have some less reputable manufacturer of the retina display because Samsung is nice looking plastic waste right?

    It is funny how people react when the shoes is on the other foot, no problem with Apple filing lawsuitsssss (that is not enough s to show how many lawsuits Apple is filing) against others and win but when Apple is caught stealing they protect a thief.

    Aren't you wondering why Apple has yet to go into "4G/LTE"? My guess is they have yet to obtain the licensing rights, and everyone who has a stake in this is looking at Apple closely. As soon as Apple releases one they will make sure they get paid or file injunction before the phone gets released.
    well said, than pretty much answered the majority of questions asked. Thanx

    2012-02-27 01:00 AM
  6. unison999's Avatar
    AAA makes t-shirts, Polo buys those shirts and puts logos on them that people demand. Polo then comes up with an idea to make the t-shirt a different way. Gives specs to AAA and AAA produces them. How is that a knock on Polo or a + to AAA? I dont' get you guy's point with the parts supplier thing. That has nothing to do with anything.
    It is a knock when you call them a "plastic waste", or to work with your analogy [email protected] material lets call it psudo-cotton. Somehow because Polo put a logo on it create a new look with it, it does not change the material it is made of. If you do not buy the product because of the parts supplier, you do not buy the end product because the material is made by them. So yeah it has everything to do with it.

    Anyways I am sure Motorola and Samsung do not care about his type of consumer, they wouldn't buy any product not made by Apple because of how die hard they are about Apple products. However the payments for the invention Motorola and parts Samsung sells is way greater than the amount of these type of customer they "lost". Only quote lost is because they never had it, so there would in actuality no loss to be had therefore never cared.
    2012-02-27 06:44 PM
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