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    Bungie co-founder Alex Seropian unveiled what he’s been working on since leaving Disney Interactive earlier this month: a new mobile-gaming studio called Industrial Toys.

    A statement on the new studio’s Facebook page pegs their audience as "core gamers." Seropian and company want to elevate their games above the “inferior gameplay, graphics, and … elementary mechanics” and instead offer free-to-play titles with “intricately advanced layers of narrative and gameplay.”

    Seropian’s extensive experience in the world of gaming includes co-founding Bungie in 1991, shipping game-changing titles like Marathon and the Halo series. He served as Bungie CEO as well, negotiating the studio’s acquisition by Microsoft before leaving a few years later. Since leaving Bungie Seropian’s focus has been in the mobile sector, especially his year at Disney Interactive which saw the studio expand its focus on mobile and social gaming.

    Industrial Toys' formation appears to be a natural progression in Seropian’s focus considering his year at Disney. Seropian isn’t alone in this venture, for his Chief Technology Officer he’s enlisted the talents of another Bungie Veteran Brent Pease who most recently worked as the senior R&D Manager at DreamWorks Animation. Tim Harris who recently headed Seven Lights (developer of The Continuum), will assume the role as president of Industrial Toys.

    The free-to-play mobile-gaming world is filled with simple, time-passing affairs. Seropian and company appear to have a wide open market that is if they can execute on their promise of delivering quality games aimed at the core market. Hopefully Seropian and his newly founded studio can push out innovative titles that alter the perception of what’s possible on the mobile platform instead of attempting to cram console mechanics into small ill-equipped devices.

    Source: Industrial Toys [via GameSutra]
    2012-02-25 05:53 PM