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    If you are hard at seeing or you have been searching for an easy way to know what notifications you are getting when you are away from your screen, then a new jailbreak tweak dubbed SpeakEvents by iOS developer K3A might be just what you are looking for. SpeakEvents makes it so you get a voice notification for events, which happen on your iDevice. The voice notifications are completely customizable and the functionality of the tweak is very handy even if you do not plan to use it for accessibility.

    Requiring iOS 5 and setting you back only $1.99 from the BigBoss repository, SpeakEvents will work on any jailbroken iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. SpeakEvents comes with a very convenient preferences pane that allows for deep customization for the voice notifications that you receive. You can pick the applications that will give you voice alerts and you can even pick at what times you are notified via voice – great for keeping your iDevice noiseless when you are sleeping. The preferences are shown below:

    By default, Mail and Messages will be enabled for voice notifications. You can enable any application that has the capability of push notifications. Below that is a switch letting SpeakEvents read the body of the message – this basically means that if you get a text message, for instance, not only will SpeakEvents read to you who sent you a message, but it will also read the entire message aloud for you to hear. Obviously, this could be a large privacy issue, so if you don’t want your messages read aloud then keep this switch turned off.

    SpeakEvents can also announce every hour on the hour to you in 24-hour clock format. This is enabled through the settings by a switch and can be disabled easily. SpeakEvents will also tell you the battery levels when they get low or when you disconnect the iDevice from charging. There is even a switch to let SpeakEvents continue to speak when the silent switch is engaged. SpeakEvents goes a step further in convenience by auto-detecting the language that it needs to read to you.

    The functionality of a tweak allowing you to hear your notifications as they are displayed is very convenient, although it’s not without its downsides: accidents happen! You must be prepared to forget turning it off at crucial moments – it happens to the best of us and if you are in the middle of class or a meeting and a notification fires off, everyone, including you will certainly hear it. If you don't care too much about this happening, then you probably won't have too many problems.

    Test driving the tweak ourselves, it uses Samantha’s voice (the voice of Siri) and works great at pronouncing words; obviously technology isn’t absolutely flaw-proof and it does stumble on pronunciation sometimes. It is a great way to be audibly notified by Facebook, Twitter, and text messages and I highly recommend this tweak to almost anyone.

    Name: SpeakEvents
    Price: $1.99
    Version: 1.0.0-137
    Repo: BigBoss
    Developer: K3A
    Editor's Rating: / 4.5/5

    Sources: K3A
    2012-02-29 01:31 AM
  2. Choi Hwanseo's Avatar
    will that be needed since we can say "siri, read my messege"
    2012-02-29 02:35 AM
  3. Anthony Bouchard's Avatar
    will that be needed since we can say "siri, read my messege"
    Not everyone has Siri.
    2012-02-29 02:50 AM
  4. brianjw's Avatar
    My only suggestion and person want for this tweak is to have an option to only read the text message when a pair of headphones are plugged in and maybe a setting to do it if you're listening to music. So, if I'm listening to music with my headphones plugged in, that is the only time it'll read these things out loud. If there is no headset, or music is not playing, then it will not announce. Add similar settings to those. Those are just a specific way I'd use it.
    2012-02-29 03:40 AM
  5. hudss's Avatar
    how does it compare with calltell?
    2012-02-29 05:41 AM
  6. Anthony Bouchard's Avatar
    how does it compare with calltell?
    Calltell only announces Calls and texts. This announces everything.
    2012-02-29 05:46 AM
  7. blankerkid's Avatar
    Are you able to customise whether it speaks through speakers or headphones like you can on calltell?
    2012-02-29 09:43 AM
  8. sonicowboy's Avatar
    Is it just me or is sound really faint...I can hardly hear it. Any help?
    2012-02-29 01:43 PM
  9. jeffhesser's Avatar
    does it still talk when in silent mode?
    2012-02-29 02:10 PM
  10. Andydigital's Avatar
    If you turn on the option for it to speak the time on the hour its sounds rather silly when it says its 14 o'clock, it also seems to be running about 17 minutes late. Instead of say its 14 o'clock at 2 this afternoon it said its "14 o'clock" at 14:17, it was late the previous two hours also.

    It would be good if you could offer an option to make it so that it only SpeaksEvents when the device is not in use e.g. the device is in standby/sleep mode and make this configurable per App too. I suppose there may be times when you want it to still read out something even though you are using the device, although the iOS5 banner messages mostly make this unnecessary.
    2012-02-29 03:27 PM
  11. GeoffS4's Avatar
    comment removed....
    2012-02-29 03:37 PM
  12. Anthony Bouchard's Avatar
    does it still talk when in silent mode?
    Only if you want it to.

    Is it just me or is sound really faint...I can hardly hear it. Any help?
    Turn the volume up while it's speaking.
    2012-02-29 07:50 PM
  13. Andydigital's Avatar
    Is it just me or is sound really faint...I can hardly hear it. Any help?
    When a message or event is being read out turn the volume up with the volume buttons on your iDevice, I had the same issue and doing this fixed it.

    Edit: Sorry missed that this had already been answered the glitchy forum software/website didn't show the post by mr Bouchard until after I replied.
    Last edited by Andydigital; 2012-03-01 at 12:32 AM.
    2012-03-01 12:28 AM
  14. dadoria2's Avatar
    Mine no longer works. If I restart the phone it'll work for a little while and then just stop. I've tried reinstalling it to no avail. I really like it, so hopefully the bugs get worked out.
    2012-03-04 04:19 AM