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    Sprint announced the SprinTV app tonight giving Sprint iPhone owners with unlimited data plans something to waste all that data on.

    This free application allows users to view select live and on-demand programming from such partners as ABC, CBS, NBC, ESPN, The Disney Channel, MTV and Comedy Central. If Sprint TV’s free programming isn’t enough to meet your mobile entertainment needs, you can purchase additional premium programming, with packages ranging from $4.99 – $9.99 per month. — Sprint
    The free app allows Sprint iPhone users to watch the programming mentioned above free of charge. Sprint also has a ton of “premium packages” including Sprint TV Xtra which adds FOX News, MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, and ABC Family. Other packages like Urban Zone (BET, Crackle Television, La la*cious Streets TV), Movie Mania (full-length movies, and DVDs directly to your phone), and others can be seen here.

    The application is free, and sizable amount of programming is available for free as well, but the previously mentioned “Premium Packages” run from $5.99 to $9.99 a month. The app comes as a pleasant surpise, especially among carrier television applications. Perhaps this is the benefit of Sprint not having a cable television business to worry about.

    Source: Sprint
    2012-02-29 06:18 AM
  2. vthree's Avatar
    so how do we jailbreak this? lol
    2012-02-29 07:38 AM
  3. Dometic's Avatar
    Is there a way to trick the app so anyone can use it?
    2012-02-29 08:13 AM
  4. fatalcrixer's Avatar
    Port to Verizon pleaseeeeeeeese
    2012-02-29 08:54 AM
  5. Hillefied's Avatar
    I'm surprised Apple let this one through seeing that the app is carrier specific. Weird
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    2012-02-29 12:06 PM
  6. morbidpete's Avatar
    For once, A good reason to have sprint, Surprised ym 3g is fast enough for this. Think I'll still use netflix over this, Besides for news

    Also it made me DC from wifi for the first run, must be to authenticate my service or something
    2012-02-29 07:57 PM
  7. dalton4life's Avatar
    I'm surprised Apple let this one through seeing that the app is carrier specific. Weird
    There are serveral carrier specific apps already in the app store like NFL mobile for Verizon and AT&T navigator. They just can't sell the iPhone with bloatware installed.
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    2012-03-02 05:08 PM