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    If you’re one of those people who find it too cumbersome to open your Notes application from your home screen, then maybe you will appreciate being able to take notes from Notification Center. We’ve seen functionality like this before with the recent MemoCenter for Notification Center widget, but to be honest it doesn’t look half as nice as what we’re about to show you. This new free note-taking jailbreak widget is dubbed NoteMe for Notification Center iOS developer j0egas.

    Right off the bat, you see it and think, “That doesn’t look like a Notification Center widget.” You would be right – it looks more like something we would see from Siri’s interface, however when something looks as good as this notepad and it is free, can you really critique it? The answer is yes!

    The text that you type into the NoteMe widget is very bold and easy to read. I like the color choice that was put into designing the notepad and the text that is written onto it. The notepad itself also features the same torn-paper appearance as Apple's Notes application. Just as you would expect, tapping on the notepad brings up the iOS keyboard so you can record a note and then tapping on the blue ‘Done’ button where you would expect to see the return button will close the keyboard. There doesn’t appear to be a character limit for the NoteMe widget.

    Regrettably, you cannot use Apple’s select, copy, or paste functions from the NoteMe widget. This makes getting text in and out of there pretty difficult, forcing you to type it out each time whether it's long or short. For any notepad – even a widget, I would expect simple copy and paste functions.

    You can enable and disable the NoteMe widget any time that you wish through the Settings application in the Notifications section. From there you can drag NoteMe in and out of Notification Center or place it in the top shelf if you are an IntelliScreenX user. NoteMe is completely compatible with IntelliScreenX and with other widgets, the only oddity being you must be prepared to see a widget that doesn’t really look like an iOS widget at all. To install NoteMe, you must be an iOS 5 user.

    Name: NoteMe for Notification Center
    Price: FREE
    Version: 1.0
    Repo: ModMyi
    Developer: j0egas
    Editor's Rating: / 3.5/5

    Sources: j0egas
    2012-03-02 06:07 AM
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    Looks great, but hopefully it'll be updated with cut copy and paste support

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    2012-03-02 01:47 PM
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    Yes iPod and all notes from regular note app shows would be nice too
    2012-03-02 01:53 PM
  4. steve-z17's Avatar
    Still easier to open the actual Notes app....
    2012-03-02 05:23 PM
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    I wish I could get the little message compose icon in my notification center with Messages+. I had Intelliscreen X but didn't like the way it handled my notifications so I deleted it in favor of the Messages + standalone, but alas, no icon. That was my favorite part. Most of my activator gestures are taken up by other things. Hhmmm... Any suggestions?
    Mostly unrelated. My apologies.
    2012-03-02 05:52 PM
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    Still easier to open the actual Notes app....
    No it's not. I have IntelliScreenX and I can just wisp this open from my lock screen. A 1-step process.
    2012-03-02 06:44 PM